Friday, October 21, 2016

Playground Fun

I love the relationship between these two.  Biggest brother and smallest brother.  Paxton adores Connor so much!

Face Painting

The daughter of a friend of ours painted Paxton's face early this week at Connor's soccer game!  He got a smiley face emoji and a sunglasses face emoji!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lunch with Uncle Stan

Uncle Stan came to see us!  He went to Mills' game on Friday night and then came to stay with us.  He got up Saturday morning to go to Connor and Kyle's soccer matches!  After soccer, we headed to lunch at our favorite mexican place, Diablos.

Paxton getting all the cheese dip he can...

Uncle Stan and his little buddies...


Connor and Kyle are both playing soccer this season.  Connor is playing with the 3rd and 4th graders.  For the first time, he is on the bigger field with the big goals and goalies.  They have really focused on learning positions, technique, and strategy more this year than in the past.  He is developing and getting a little better every week and  most importantly, he is really enjoying it!  I especially think his defensive skills are improving.  He had a make-up game last Thursday and a regular game on Saturday morning, so I was able to get a few pictures.  He has a play-off game on Monday followed by either the Championship game or the consolation game on Saturday.

Kyle is playing, too, and Jeremy is coaching Kyle's team.  Jeremy is really a great coach for these little ones.  He is great at coaching and encouraging them.  Kyle is developing more and more as a player.  He has scored two goals (and he's so excited when he does) and he has learned to get into the mix of kids going for the ball rather than holding back.  It has been a good season for him and you can really see his improvement since last year!

We play Upward Soccer, so at half-time, all of the kids from each field (3 fields) go to a central area to hear a short devotional.  Jeremy was asked to give the devotional during Kyle's half-time this week.  He did a great job!  He's really good at talking to the kids on their level and making it interesting for them.  Connor and Kyle were really proud to say that it was their daddy up there!

 Soccer has been great this year, but I'm definitely looking forward to free Saturday mornings again!  Well...until basketball starts!  

Playground Fun

The weather has been so great this past week, so Paxton and I spent a couple of mornings at the park.  Jeremy was able to meet us for lunch one day, too.  As Paxton played on the playground, I thought about how it doesn't seem like that long ago that Connor was my only son and he and I spent hours at the park!  I remember going to the park a lot when I was pregnant with Kyle and Connor was two.  One time he said, that he couldn't wait for me to have the baby so that I could ride the space shuttle bouncer with him again!  We have spent many days playing at the park and picnicking at the park.  We have been so thankful to live so close to two great parks!

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Weekend in the Mountains

My mom's best friend has a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains and we were able to spend a couple of nights there this weekend with my parents.  We left home on Saturday morning and made it up there early afternoon.  The boys immediately started playing outside!  The weather was perfect and they had such a great time and loved being right on the river!

Nobody caught any fish (or saw any for that matter), but no one cared either!  They just love the experience of fishing and being on the river!

Paxton thought he was as big as the big boys and wanted to do everything that they did!  He also loved his boots!  

On Saturday night, my mom made spaghetti for the boys and they let us head out for a date night!  The mountain house was actually in Mineral Bluff, but Blue Ridge is just a few miles down the road, so we went to downtown Blue Ridge for dinner.  It was so nice to spend a few hours away in a cute little town with each other!

Sunday morning came early for three little boys!  But, I was able to take a few pictures as the sun rose higher.  Such a beautiful morning!

We headed to Mercier Apple Orchards to pick apples with the boys.  We are so glad we got there when we did because it was packed, but it got more and more packed by the time we left!  The boys had a great time at the apple orchard...picking and eating the apples!

Paxton was a little bit nervous at first.  It was crowded and he just wasn't sure what to think, but by the time we got to the orchard to pick the apples, he was fine and was having a great time.

Apple picking quickly turned into apple eating...

The orchard...

After apple picking, eating ice cream, buying apple pies, donuts, and more, we headed back to the cabin.  The boys spent the afternoon fishing, playing, relaxing, running, playing ball, kayaking, and more.  My mom and I spent a few hours in Blue Ridge shopping while Paxton napped, but we came back in time for kayaking and more playing outside!

Paxton has started doing this silly laugh where he puts his hands dramatically in front of his face in almost a fake laugh kind of way, but it is a genuine laugh!  It is so funny, so I was glad to capture it in a photo!

My boys!

After dinner Sunday night, we made smores in the fire pit!!

This morning called for a little bit more fishing before we loaded up and headed home!

We stopped in Atlanta at The Varsity for lunch!

Our mountain weekend away was so much fun!  I hope we can do it again.  The boys just love being on the water, fishing, kayaking, and playing outside.  Thank you, Mrs. Catherine and Mr. David, for letting us spend the weekend at your beautiful, peaceful, fun cabin!  We absolutely loved it!  Thank you, Sunshine and Granddaddy, for spending the weekend with us and making it so much fun for all of us!