Monday, August 15, 2016

No Pictures Lately!

I just thought I'd give an update since I haven't posted lately.  Life is great around here.  The boys started school last week and we have just been getting used to a busy life again.  I did not take many pictures of the boys last week, but I do have a few that I will edit and post soon (well...hopefully sooner than later).  However, I am mostly busy editing photos that I took last week for the South Caroline Heart Gallery.  I had the opportunity to go to Aiken, SC and take photos of four foster children in South Carolina through the South Caroline Heart Gallery, an organization that advocates for foster children in South Carolina (there are other Heart Galleries in other states that do the same thing for their state).  Once a child has been deemed to be available for adoption (parental rights have been severed, child wants to be adopted, etc.), the South Carolina Heart Gallery has the opportunity to advocate for them.  They have volunteer photographers (many are professionals who volunteer for this organization and others are hobbyist like me) take photos of the children that can be used for their website, print, and other means to advocate for them.  By having nice photos of these children, along with a video that they produce, the Heart Gallery is able to show off the children's personalities better for potential families to see.  I was able to go to Aiken and take photos of these children last Thursday (thanks to my parents who came to help with my children) and I am busy editing all of the photos that I will send to the SC Heart Gallery.  The kids will also each receive a photo album of their photos for their own keeping.  This was such an amazing experience for me and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to be a part of orphan advocacy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

First Day of School

Kyle and his teacher at "Meet the Teacher" last week.

My lunch dates since the big kids are at school...

Happy First Day of School!

A Little Bit of Random

Last day of taking all three to speech...

Silly Kyle...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

392 Days

392 DAYS

We missed the first 392 days of Paxton's life.

We missed 392 days of holding Paxton.

We missed 392 days of laughing with Paxton.

We missed 392 days of Paxton's smile.

We missed 392 days of watching Paxton grow.

We missed 392 days of hugging Paxton.

We missed 392 days of giving Paxton kisses.

We missed 392 days.

392 DAYS

We have enjoyed 392 days of Paxton's life.

We have held Paxton for 392 days.

We have laughed with Paxton for 392 days.

We have enjoyed Paxton's smile for 392 days.

We have watched Paxton grow for 392 days.

We have hugged Paxton for 392 days.

We have kissed Paxton for 392 days.

We have ENJOYED 392 days!

August 7, 2016 is a special day because today Paxton has been with us the same number of days as he was without us and we were without him!  We missed the first 392 days of Paxton's live, but we have loved each and every day of the last 392 days with him!  

As of tomorrow, Paxton will have been with us for more days than without.  

Today is also special because two years ago today, we said "YES" to adoption and we submitted our application to our agency, Lifeline Children's Services!  We did not know or understand the joy that that decision would bring us.  We knew we were being obedient to God and we were so excited about our future, but we could not have imagined the joy we have experienced because of the little boy that God gave us!  I am so thankful that we said "YES"!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beach Trip (Post #3 of 3)

Sunday at the beach was Harper's 11th birthday!  I cannot believe that it has been eleven years!  She is growing up to be such a beautiful (inside and outside) young lady.  She is so sweet to her sisters and her cousins.  She is polite, funny, caring, thoughtful, helpful, encouraging, and so much more.  I am so glad we were able to spend her birthday with her at her favorite place...the beach!

We had missed Evie and Millie's birthday's earlier this summer, so we brought their presents, too.  We gave Harper, Evie, and Millie the game "Wet Head" as a joint gift and we all had such a great time playing it!

Mimi and Bobbles had the best facial expressions when they pulled the pins out!

Aunt Abby bought Evie a face mask that she wanted when we were out shopping and they did face masks together one morning!

Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles for an amazing beach trip week!  We loved each and every day and we are so thankful for such an amazing week with family!  Thank you!  Cannot wait til next year!

Beach Trip (Post #2 of 3)

Beach bound...

Counsins minus one (not sure where Millie was)...

Entertained as they watched someone try to paddle board through some really rough red-flag waves!

Mimi and Bobbles brought water ballons which were a big hit with everyone...big and small!