Friday, November 17, 2017

A Little of This and A Little of That

Kyle had his seven year well child visit to the pediatrician last week.  Not only did he do great, but all three boys did awesome getting their flu shots!  

Paxton really DISLIKED the Halloween decorations at Target.  (He says "I hate Halloween decorations!", but we are trying to discourage the word hate, but he really did hate them!).  He was terrified of the decorations and hated even going in Target for the month of October.  But he was so excited when I told him that they had put all of the Halloween stuff away and that there would be Christmas decorations!  He loves the Christmas decorations and we have to go see them every time we go to Target now (we go a lot!!).  One Target near us has a Santa climbing a ladder with lights wrapped around him (linked so you can see what I'm talking about).  It goes up and down over and over again.  He is mesmerized by it in the picture below!  But, the other Target has the Santa as decoration, but they have it where it will not go up and down.  He now always wants to go to the Target with the moving Santa!  I love how much he loves the Christmas decorations!  Too bad his favorite thing is $60!

One day last week was World Adoption Day and people on social media were posting pictures of smiley faces on their hands to show awareness for World Adoption Day.  So, of course, we joined in!

Our neighbor Harbin plays rec football and his team had a playoff game on Tuesday, so Connor and Paxton and I braved the cold to go cheer him on with our buddies!  Connor and Catherine (one of his sisters) videoed the game with Connor acting as the reporter.  He even interviewed a fan and he interviewed Harbin after the game.  It was great!  Harbin brought the edited video over for us to watch the next day!  Connor loves football..watching, commentating, coaching, playing!  It has been fun to watch him get so into football over the last year.

And, Paxton just had a blast playing with his buddies!  These three have the best time together!  

Paxton goes to speech twice a week.  He goes one day to the private therapist who we have been seeing since he came home.  And, he goes one day to the school therapist at Connor and Kyle's school now that he is three.  He loves both and does different stuff with each, so it doesn't get old and he really enjoys going.  He has made so much progress this year.  He now uses complete sentences and although we do not understand him 100% of the time, we do understand him most of the time.  And, others understand him a decent bit, too.  He has a long way to go, but when I think about the fact that a year ago he couldn't put two syllables together that had different beginning sounds, I realize just how far he has come!  I am so proud of him and how much he works to make himself understood!

Thursday was Paxton's class Thanksgiving Feast.  He had such a good time!  

School is out for Thanksgiving Break!  Nine days of no school makes three little boys very happy!  We are looking forward to a week spent with family from both sides.  Lots of fun is in store for the next week!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mills - Senior Night

Last night was Senior night at Thomson's football game, so the boys and I went with Sunshine and Granddaddy.  We arrived in time for the Dog Walk to cheer for Mills (and Andrew and Davis and the rest of the Thomson football team) as they walked from the bus to the field.

After a quick dinner, we headed back to the stadium for the Senior Recognition part and the game.  The first half of the game was a little shakey and the other team was leading at halftime, but Rob must have given them a good half-time speech because they came out and dominated in the second half and scored over 40 points to the other teams 3 in the second half!

After the game, we went on the field to congratulate everyone.

The only time you can catch us saying "Go Dogs" is when we are cheering on our favorite Thomson players!  Go Dogs!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Halloween was so much fun this year!  In the past, we have typically had a low-key Halloween Trick-or-Treating in our old neighborhood with just our immediate family.  This year, we are in a new neighborhood and everyone has been telling us for months what to expect for Halloween!  With the sidewalks and all of the young kids, it is the perfect place to Trick-or-Treat!  We inviting the families in our small group to come over, so we had 10 kids and 8 adults in our group.  Our across the street neighbors had their three kids and they invited some friends and our other across the street neighbors had all six of their kids.  So, I believe we had over 20 kids Trick-or-Treating with our group!  It was so much fun!

This is our small group's kids before heading out!

The boys, of course, had to play football with the neighbors before the festivities started!

I had hoped to take them for Halloween pictures a day or two early before the Halloween craziness (like I did last year), but it didn't happen.  But, they let me snap a few in between football plays!

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Two football players and Aubie sure did!!!