Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mills' Prom

Senior Prom was Saturday night for Mills.  This handsome guy was the Ring Bearer in our wedding almost 15 years ago and now he is about to graduate!  He and his girlfriend went to two proms this weekend.  She attends a different school and her prom was Friday night and then Mills' prom was Saturday night.  Jane Anne asked me to come take some pictures of them on Saturday night before they left.  He will be off to college in a few short months and the rest of the family is moving to the Athens area for a new position, so we won't see them as much.  However, I am thankful for the past four years of getting to watch all three boys become great young men and I am excited for the adventures that await them!

A Little from This Week

Yogurt trip to mourn the end of Spring Break...

Playground fun...

Baseball boys...

Monday, April 9, 2018

Chattanooga Spring Break Trip

We decided to take a weekend trip to Chattanooga to end Spring Break.  We asked Mimi and Bobbles to meet us there and we planned to spend one day at their property in Tennessee and one day exploring Chattanooga.  

The boys and I headed up after lunch on Thursday.  Jeremy came later that day separately.  He was buying Bob's truck and Bob was buying Jeremy's truck from him while we were there.  After 15 years of driving the same truck, Jeremy has a new (to him) truck!  We are all very happy for him!

The boys and I headed to dinner with Mimi and Bobbles on Thursday night before meeting Jeremy back at the hotel.

On Friday morning we headed to the Tennessee property to explore.

We had a great time exploring!  I will have to upload my cell phone pictures later.  It was sprinkling and we expected more rain (but it didn't end up raining more until we were leaving, thankfully), so I did not take my good camera as we explored.  I took some pictures on my phone and will try to post later.

We went to a late lunch in Mont Eagle, which is not too far from the land.  The restaurant had a store attached to it (kind of like Cracker Barrel).  Connor asked if he could buy something with some birthday money, so he bought a Davy Crockett hat.  Kyle decided to buy a wooden gun with his money and at first Paxton picked out a hat, too.  But, after a few minutes, he ran and put it up and said he didn't want it anymore.  He wanted PRETZELS!  He was so excited to buy this huge bag of pretzels and was determined to have pretzels instead of a toy!  He was very reluctant to share with his brothers and really only started sharing them on Sunday after he tried to eat the whole bag himself the first two days!  We had no idea he loved pretzels so much!  Such a silly boy!

On Saturday, we had hoped to do Ruby Falls and Rock City, but the weather was not on our side, so we did not try to do Rock City.  We did do Ruby Falls on Saturday morning since it was inside.  We had to wait outside for a while, but it wasn't too bad.

Paxton and Kyle had a really great time in Ruby Falls!  I think we all enjoyed it, but they both were the most excited.

After Ruby Falls, we headed downtown for lunch followed by a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium.  I had been to it when I was in middle school, but they have added on a lot and I thought it was really well done.  The kids had a great time looking at all of the fish and animals!

We had a really busy day with lots of walking.  This little guy was so exhausted!  He ate his dinner and then passed out on Jeremy while the rest of us ate!

On Sunday morning, we headed home.  We stopped in Covington for lunch and I snapped on last picture.

We had a great time!  We are thankful for a few days to get away, explore, and have some fun!

School starts back tomorrow and we have 34 more days of school left until SUMMER BREAK!!!