Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Kitchen Table

We have spent the last two weeks building a kitchen table.  We brought it in the house this weekend and we absolutely love it!  I am so excited to build memories around this table with our family.

Deacon White

Jeremy was ordained as a deacon at our church on Sunday night!  

I am so thankful to have a husband who leads our family and points us to God every day.  Connor, Kyle, and Paxton are blessed to have an earthly father who will always point them to their Heavenly Father and who will help shape them to be the men that God created them to be.  The Deacon Ordination service was a special night for our family and I am thankful that our parents and children, as well as so many sweet friends, were able to celebrate with us!

A Little Bit of Everything Last Week (in pictures)

We experienced one of Paxton's "firsts" last Thursday night.   But, this was definitely one of those "firsts" that we would rather have not experienced!  Paxton slipped in the shower and busted his head open.  We headed to the ER and spent two hours there for him to end up getting two staples in his head.  He was so brave!  He only cried for less than a minute after the staples and then he was given a popsicle and he was perfectly happy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Life Lately

We love our new house and our new neighborhood!  The boys love the house, too, but they really love being outside at the new house.  They spend hours and hours outside with their friends every day.  They pretty much only came inside on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (Monday was Hurricane Irma) in order to go to the bathroom and eat dinner!  They've spent hours playing football, riding scooters and bikes, and playing capture the flag with all of the neighbors.  It has been so much fun for them and I love seeing them having such a good time with friends.

All of these have been taken over the last week or so, but not from any one day in particular, but they are a great representation of all that they have been doing!

We are so thankful to God for answering our prayers for great neighbors and a great neighborhood!  We are so happy here and our kids love it!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

LaGrange Weekend

We headed to LaGrange on Friday night so that Connor and Jeremy could go to the Auburn game on Saturday.  But, since it was a night game, we were able to play and go to lunch together first.  We met up with Uncle Stan at Charlie Joseph's.  

Paxton loves the train at Charlie Joseph's and always has to see it run.  Mr. Joey gave him a little train to take home and he was thrilled!

Last winter, Mimi and Bobbles named portions of their land after each grandchild.  There is Connor's Crook, Kyle's Cliff, and Paxton's Puddle.  Now, every single time Paxton sees a puddle, he says, "There my puddle!".  He claims ever puddle he sees as his own!  He saw this one in front of my parent's house and said, "There my puddle!" and proceeded to drive through it over and over again!

Connor was so excited to go to the game with Jeremy!  And, they had such a great time!  Connor is very into football now and really loved being at a live game! 

A little baseball with Granddaddy...

We headed back on Sunday morning, but we had a great time on our quick visit!