Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good-bye Beautiful Bumper

Today, I had to say good-bye to Connor's beautiful bumper in his crib! I am very sad. Not only did I have to say good-bye to the beautiful, polka dot bumper that MADE his room, I had to put in an UGLY, white, mesh bumper that ruins the effect of his room!

Beautiful Bumper:

UGLY Mesh Bumper:

We made this change to keep Connor safe, so of course it is worth it! But, I just hate to give up the beautiful, polka dot bumper! Connor has a habit of scooting his way towards the side of the crib and we worry about him sleeping too close to the bumper. There have been many nights where I wake up and move him to the center of the bed to make sure he isn't up against the bumper. Some SIDS deaths may be related to suffocation from bumpers, so we are now doing whatever we have to do to keep him safe. The UGLY mesh bumper is just a white, mesh strip that protects Connor from sticking an arm or leg through the crib slates, but it is "breathable" if he scoots his way over to the side of the crib. So, good-bye beautiful polka dot bumper...hello UGLY mesh bumper!

Here's a cute picture of Connor. We want his first words after Mama and Dada to be War Eagle!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Connor and His Bouncy Seat

Connor loves his bouncy seat! He sometimes gets very excited and starts kicking his legs really hard. You would think it would hurt his legs or feet to kick them so hard, but it doesn't seem to hurt him.

The past two nights have gone better for Connor. He has slept until 6:45 or so and then he has gone back to sleep after a small snack until about 7:45 or 8:00. Mommy feels much better now! Naps are still a struggle and we're not getting past the 40 minute mark. Actually, he's only made it past 35 minutes once all week (except when in his carseat)! It is like he has an internal alarm clock! Hopefully, naps will begin to stretch out in length really soon.

Gotta go...he's awake again!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleep Issues

Connor WAS sleeping great at night. By two months, he was sleeping 6-8 hours without waking up and if he woke before 8 a.m. he would go back to sleep after a "5 minute snack." That 6-8 hours was stretched to as much as 9 1/2 hours of uninterupted sleep up until he was 4 months old. There were a couple of weeks where he was waking up after 6 or 7 hours of sleep and then he would quickly go back to sleep after a snack, but overall I was happy with his nighttime sleep. Sure some babies do better, but I was pretty pleased. Then, at 4 months, he decided he liked seeing Mommy in the middle of the night. So, for the past month, we've been struggling with sleep again. He's waking up during the night, sometimes twice a night and only after 3 or 4 hours of sleep. And over the past week, he has decided that he likes being awake for good at 7 a.m. Now, I know that many (maybe most) babies start their day well before 8 a.m., but since Connor has not been in the habit of doing so until recently, Mommy is not used to it. I guess I'll have to get used to it if it continues though! Last night was a better night though. He only woke once during the night (after sleeping 7 hours) and then woke up for good at 7:50 a.m. Hopefully, his nights will continue to improve.

Now, naptime sleep is a different story. Connor hates to take nap and has since the beginning. He believes that naptime is when he sleeps on Mommy. Now, the exception is when he sleeps in the carseat. He will typically sleep longer in the carseat (he is asleep right now in the carseat in the kitchen and has been for 1 hour and 15 minutes)! If we put him in his crib, pack-n-play, bouncy seat, swing or anywhere other than on Mommy or Daddy during a nap at home, he will either wake up immediately or wake up within 40 minutes, usually 30 minutes exactly. Now, I know that this is MY fault. I totally blame myself for spoiling my precious son since the day he was born. The doctor said "you cannot spoil an infant." Well, he was wrong. Connor got used to sleeping on someone immediately and has not learned that naps are supposed to happen in the bed, not on someone. We are working on changing this habit though. We are no longer letting him sleep on us for naps and we are putting him down awake but drowsy in the bed for naps (other than when he falls asleep in the car). He has been falling asleep eventually, but wakes up within 40 minutes most of the time. The longest he has made it in his bed for a nap is 45 minutes. Once he wakes up, there is usually no putting him back to sleep even though he is tired. For some reason, Connor can go to bed at night without any problem even when he is put down wide awake and can soothe himself back to sleep most of the night without any problem. But, naps are completely different. He has not learned to self-soothe himself during the day (again, totally my fault). Hopefully, this will improve soon. He needs more naptime sleep. I believe that he will sleep better at night if he sleeps better during the day. However, I am not sure how to change his habits, especially the waking up after 40 minutes habit. I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions!

Thanks for reading my vent! To end, I do have to say that Connor is the sweetest baby! Even when he is tired, he can just look at us, smile, and make us melt. His little laugh is so cute. He is such a good baby when we go out shopping, running errands, or out to eat. We are definitely blessed!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Connor and I went to St. Simons Island, GA with Sunshine (my mom) last week for a couple of days to visit my cousin, Jane Anne, and her family. Connor got to meet his cousins Mills, Andrew, and Davis. He had so much fun with them! And they loved playing with him and making him smile! Andrew even asked if he could take Connor to school as his "show and tell"!

Connor has his first ear infection. Last week, he started getting stuffed up, so I took him to the doctor on Monday. Thankfully, he hasn't been too bothered by his ears. Most of the time, he is being his sweet, smiley self. We're so thankful to have such a happy baby!

As of today, Connor is no longer the baby of the family on Jeremy's side. Kevin and Lee had their second little girl (name - TBD). We cannot wait to see her! We hear that she us beautiful with dark, straight hair. I look forward to Connor and Baby White playing together as they grow up so close in age! They will have so much fun together!

Here are a few pictures of Connor from the past week...

Doesn't he look so cute in his khaki shorts?

Connor has started sticking his tongue out all the time. It's so funny!

Daddy, Connor, and Froggy (aka Connor's BFF)...

Playing in his exersaucer...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Connor's Visitor and Cute Pictures

Connor had a visitor yesterday. Uncle Stan came to see him for a couple of hours! Connor had not seen his Uncle Stan since February, but will actually see him twice this week. Sunshine (my mom), Connor, and I are going to St. Simons to visit my cousins. Stan is going stop in St. Simons on Wednesday night on his way to Orlando. Connor will get to meet his counsins Andrew, Davis, and Mills this week. I'm sure he is so excited that he is speechless!

Daddy got home early yesterday after competing in a golf tournament. Luckily, his team was not the worst team of the tournament and he did pretty well for someone who hasn't played much golf! Connor was very glad to see Daddy and had a good time playing with him. He loves playing with faces now and kept reaching out and touching Daddy's face. Daddy can always make Connor smile!

Connor loves being "Naked Man" and has a good time playing without his clothes! Last night, I put him on the floor to play after I put lotion on him and before I put his pj's on him. He was so happy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Connor's Doctor's Appointment

Thank you for your prayers! Connor went to the Opthalmologist today. He has Congenital Motor Nystagmus. Basically, his eyes dance back and forth. The good news is that he seems to have good vision. The doctor said that the dancing will probably lessen as he grows, but that it will not ever go away completely. We will go back in four months and as long as he is progressing normally, we will only have to go twice a year and then only once a year. He hopefully will not have any vision problems other than what most people experience as he grows up. Although we really hoped that the doctor would say that the dancing would go away in a few months as he grew, we were really happy with the news that he should not have any major problems with this and that his vision was good.

My prayer is still that God will steady Connor's eyes as he grows. But, we praise God for the good report today. We are blessed with a happy, healthy baby!

Now, I must brag on Connor. He was so good during his appointment. We went during his normal nap time and he was tired, but he was so good. He did not fuss at all, even as the doctor messed with him and shined lights in his eyes. The doctor even commented on how quiet he was being. He couldn't have been a better baby!

Also, at Connor's regular 4 month appointment on Tuesday, he weighed 15lbs, 1oz (50th percentile) and was 25 1/2 in. long (60th percentile). He received shots, but other than a little fever, he has done great!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Connor's Eyes

Yesterday, we went to the pediatrician for Connor's 4 month appointment (I can't believe he's 4 months old!). The doctor said that Connor had "dancing eyes" and that we needed to take him to a specialist. He referred us to a Pediatric Opthalmologist. We have an appointment tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:20 a.m. Basically, a baby's eyes should stop "dancing" by three months and Connor's have not. We do not really know anything else and do not know how serious this is or is not. I was too shocked that anything could possibly be wrong with my perfect baby to ask many questions yesterday. Since then, Jeremy and I have had a million questions. We have looked it up online, but we don't really know what we're looking for. We are very thankful that the doctor is able to see us so soon and that we do not have to wait much longer to get some answers. Please keep Connor in your prayers tonight and tomorrow morning. We are praying that God will steady his eyes and that he will out grow the dancing. Our hope is that we are making a big deal out of nothing.

Thank you for your prayers! We'll have an update tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2008

April Pictures

Last month was a very busy month. Ree visited for a week, Connor and Kasey visited LaGrange for a few days, and we all went to Atlanta twice and Birmingham once. Jeremy's grandmother (Grandmother Mom) passed away in late April. She was 92 years old and will be missed very much. We are very glad that Connor got to meet his great-grandmother in February. Here's a picture of Connor with Grandmother Mom from February and some other pictures from April.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Connor Laughing

We took this video last night when we were putting Connor's pj's on him. We could not email it because it was so large so we decided to start a blog with this video and pictures. Enjoy!