Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beach Pictures

We went to the beach with my parents last week. Connor had a great time, especially with Sunshine and Granddaddy! He was spoiled rotten the whole time. He was not too interested in the beach, but loved the pool! He wore himself out each day, slept great at night, and took long naps. He slept for 6 hours worth of naps one day (2 naps=6 hours total)! He never does that at home! Connor was such a great baby wherever we went. He was great when we went out to eat or shopping. I am always amazed by what a good baby we have! We're glad to be home for a few weeks, but we'll head back to the beach in September with Jeremy's family. We're looking forward to the next trip!
Enjoy the pictures!

Not sure what to think of the ocean and the sand! Zonked out on Daddy on the beach! (Maybe he thought it was naptime since the ocean sounded like his sound machine at naptime!) Unfortunately, he woke up as soon as we tried to put him down in the beach tent.
Playing with Daddy in our beach tent!

Family pictures on the beach...

Fun times with Sunshine and Granddaddy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here are some recent pictures of Connor. Connor loves pulling his toy basket over. He doesn't really want the toys that are in it; he just wants to play with the basket!

Connor loves using his Duckie Tub!

And he is now enjoying Cheerios! Yum Yum!

We're heading to the beach with my parents and sister on Wednesday. We're looking forward to Connor's first beach trip, but we realize that this trip will probably not be as relaxing as past trips! I probably won't be spending the day on the beach reading a book! Oh well! We're really excited to see what he thinks of the sand. He loved the pool when I took him in June, so I hope he still enjoys it! I'll post pictures when we return!