Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Beach Trip

I haven't updated my blog lately because we've been traveling. We just spent two weeks at the beach! Jeremy was with us the first week, then Connor and I stayed another week with Jeremy's mom (Mimi), my sister-in-law, Lee, and her two girls, Harper and Evie. We had a great time! Connor loved the beach. He wasn't sure of the ocean for the first week, but he got comfortable with it by the end of the second week. We tried to keep him from eating too much sand, but there's only so much you can do! Connor enjoyed playing in a bucket of water that Jeremy buried in the sand (so Connor couldn't knock it over)! He loved the pool, even though the pool was FREEZING cold! He loves to splash in the water and doesn't mind the water all over his face. Connor had a great time with his cousins. Harper is 3 and Evie is 4 months. All three kids were perfect angels the entire trip. We're looking forward to next year...a 4 year old, and two one year olds!