Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Pictures

Connor had a great time with Sunshine and Granddaddy last week! And he is looking forward to seeing Mimi and Bobbles this weekend!

Connor really received two Christmas presents in one last week. He receive his push car (seen in the previous post) and he received the box that it came in! He loves crawling through things, especially his new box tunnel!

Consignment Stores are great! My mom and I went to the one around the corner from my house last week and bought Connor some new toys. Here's one of his favorites...

And, here's another one I bought yesterday!

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Happy Fall!

Mommy, Daddy and Connor went to the Pumpkin Patch last Saturday. We tried so hard to get a good picture of Connor in front of the pumpkins, but if he smiled, he turned his head, and if he was looking at the camera, he would not smile. He was fascinated with the hay and kept studying it, so most of my pictures are of him looking at pieces of hay. These are the best ones that I took!

Connor received an early Christmas present last week from Sunshine and Granddaddy. He received a push car and he LOVES it! We have been taking a ride in it every day and some days he lunges for it when we get out of the Explorer! He loves his new car! Thank you Sunshine and Granddaddy!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Pictures!

Here are a couple more happy baby pictures.

Connor loves to swing and we found out that the neighborhood behind us has a park with bucket swings! We were very excited to take Connor to the park and he's now been several times! I met two girls at MOPS last week that live in that neighborhood and was able to meet them and their sons to play last night at the park. It was fun for Connor and me!
Connor figured out today that he can crawl through our coffee table! He threw his ball through it and then crawled after it. He's so funny!
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Smiling Baby

Here are some cute pictures of Connor from the past week. He is such a happy, smiley baby! (The scratch on his cheek is from falling into the corner of his toy box. Now, in place of the scratch, he has two bug bites on his face...poor baby!)

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