Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny Baby

Connor is SO busy now! He is into EVERYTHING! He wants to get into everything and finds things so fascinating! It is so much fun to watch him...and exhausting!

Learning to climb the stairs!
Helping mommy load the dishwasher!

Diving in the toy basket to get a toy!

Sweet laugh!

Watching for Daddy!

Connor often sits with his feet crossed, almost in indian style! It is so cute! And we CANNOT keep socks or shoes on his feet! He pulls them off as soon as we put them on. I've had to backtrack through Target to find socks that he has thrown off while shopping and I've lost a pair while out shopping! I know people look at me when we are out and about and think what a terrible mom I am for not putting socks on his feet, but let me assure you Connor never leaves the house (now that it is cold) without socks on his feet. And, then I always put the socks back on his feet when we get to our destination (because they are always pulled off on the way to the destination), but I cannot seem to keep them on him! As soon as he sees his feet, he starts pulling the socks off! Any suggestions for keeping socks on his feet during the winter?
They sure are cute feet though!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cute Faces!

More Pictures

I love LaGrange College!

I love Mommy!

Naked Man!


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