Sunday, January 25, 2009

The World of Coke Museum

On Friday, Connor and I drove to Atlanta to meet my mom and Ree for lunch and to visit The World of Coke Museum. Connor was not thrilled about the ride to Atlanta and I considered turning around half way there and heading home, but he just did not understand that we were going to see Sunshine and Aunt Ree! Once we got to Atlanta, he was a PERFECT angel all day! He was also great for the 2 hour trip back home! We had a great time at lunch and at The World of Coke and Connor had so much fun with Sunshine and Aunt Ree. He was so excited to see Sunshine when we first got to Atlanta and he wouldn't let her out of his sight for awhile. Here are a few of the pictures we took at the museum. We did not get too many because Connor fell asleep right after visiting with the giant Coke Polar Bear and slept throughout most of the museum!

Connor LOVES cars and trucks now. We watch cars go by our house through the window daily and Connor loves to take walks so that he can watch the cars go by! After an hour and a half of Connor fussing and sometimes screaming all the way to Atlanta, he calmed down and enjoyed the last half hour once we were in multi-lane traffic and there were cars to pass on the interstate! Everytime I passed a car, I would say "Look at that car!" and he would say "Doh!" and point! It entertained him through Atlanta! Too bad, the majority of my trip was spent on 2 lane interstate without many cars to pass! He also saw a garbage truck in Atlanta up close and was fascinated with it. He couldn't take his eyes off of it! Even at home, his cars and trucks are some of his favorite toys!. If we just had a basket full of cars and balls, he would be entertained for hours. Forget all of the fancy toys, he is happy with cars and balls all day!

His new favorite thing to do is to throw his toys over the new gate that keeps him out of the dining room (which leads to the kitchen and stairs). We have to clean the dining room of toys several times a day or he would run out of toys! He is so funny!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut...That is the Question

So, should we cut Connor's hair or not!?

Jeremy thinks it is past time for Connor to get a haircut. I think Connor is WAY too young for a haircut (even though his hair is harder to style than my own)! Most of his hair is stick straight and it is very uneven in the front. It could definitely use a trim, but I cannot imagine someone actually trying to cut his hair...he is in constant motion. The bottom of the back of his hair is curly. We've said since he was born that he has a mullet! When most of his hair fell out as a baby, the mullet stayed! So, it is definitely longer than the rest of his hair. But, I'm pretty sure that the curl will go away when it is cut and it will just grow back straight! I love the curl! So, what do you think? To cut or not to cut? That is the question.
More cute pictures:
Eating ice cream with Daddy! One bite was NOT enough!

Connor LOVES to read. He is constantly bringing me books to read to him. He could sit in my lap for hours and read books it seems. I love it because it is the only time that he is still enough to snuggle with me!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor!

Happy 1st Birthday Connorman!

One year ago today we brought Connor home from the hospital. Our New Year's Day baby was not even 48 hours old when we brought him home. He was beautiful and perfect...and I still think that today! He has grown so much and we have been blessed so much by him! Connor had one birthday party in LG, then another party in H'ville. He's been spoiled rotten for the past 10 days by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents! We've been traveling and just got home last night, but after about 4 Christmases and 2 Birthday Parties, Connor is glad to be home! Mommy and Daddy were glad to be home too! Tomorrow is Daddy's day off of work...he's been off for over two weeks! Connor has become even more attached to him and is going to have withdrawl next week! We will miss Daddy very much each day!
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