Friday, February 27, 2009

Lauren's Pictures!

These are some of my favorites from the pictures Lauren took for me last weekend. As you can see, I have a LOT of favorites. I am already planning which pictures to put in which frames and where to put them in the house! I'm going to need more frames! Let me know your favorites!

Lauren, thank you so much for taking these pictures! They are beautiful! You are definitely talented! It was so good to see you and Harper!

Outside Boy

Connor would stay outside all day, every day if he could! He loves riding around in his car so much, so we took it to LG with us. He even got to take it with us shopping one day! He, also, loves his swing at Sunshine and Granddaddy's house! And, as you can see, he has his LC cap on again!

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Play Ball!

After Birmingham, Connor and I headed to LG for the week! Connor loves his baseball game at Sunshine and Granddaddy's house and he LOVES his LC baseball cap! He wore it everywhere!

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Beautiful Nieces

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Birmingham Fun

We spent last weekend in Birmingham with Jeremy's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Lee, and their beautiful girls, Harper and Evie. Connor had a great time with his cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents!

Mimi with the "World's Cutest Grandchildren"!

Connor leads Bobbles on a walk around the mall.

Our handsome little man before church!

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Meeting Harper

Jeremy, Connor and I went to Birmingham last weekend for our niece/cousin's baby dedication. While we were there, Connor and I went to my old college roommate, Lauren's house for Lauren to take pictures of Connor. We also had the opportunity to meet Lauren's beautiful daughter, Harper! (Connor's cousin that we visited is also named Harper...such a beautiful name!)

Aren't they so cute together?!

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Popsicle...Yum Yum!

A few weeks ago, Connor fell down and busted his mouth. I remembered that our doctor had said to keep popsicles on hand for busted mouths because a baby will keep a popsicle on his mouth when he would not let you put an ice pack on the sore mouth. I, of course, did not have any popsicles on hand, but Jeremy dropped everything at work and rushed to Publix to pick some up and come home to comfort Connor. The popsicle did the trick and Connor loved it!

Here are some pictures of Connor eating a popsicle on another day. He loves them! Who wouldn't?!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day

I love to watch Connor play.

I love to watch Connor crawl up the stairs.

I love to "chase" Connor up the stairs.

I love to watch Connor walk.

I love Connor's smile.

I love Connor's giggle.

I love when Connor laughs uncontrollably.

I love Connor's silly faces.

I love when Connor brings me books to read to him.

I love to snuggle with Connor when we read.

I love to watch Connor sleep.

I love to take Connor for walks.

I love that Connor loves cars and trucks.

I love to watch Connor excitement over watching cars and trucks.

I love to play peek-a-boo with Connor.

I love to watch Connor's face light up when someone talks to him on the phone.

I love to watch Connor pull out all of my shoes from the closet.

I love to see Connor's concentration as he pulls out things from all of the drawers in the house.

I love to hear Connor say "doh."

I love to watch Connor play with his daddy.

I love Connor's excitement when he sees his daddy.

I love that Connor loves to try different foods.

I love to see what new food Connor will eat.

I love that Connor is as excited as me when he sees cake.

I love that Connor is so smart.

I love that Connor understands so much.

I love to watch Connor clap.

I love to watch Connor's excitement when he does a new trick.

I love that Connor wants everyone around to repeat his tricks.

I love to watch Connor clap at his accomplishments.

I love to watch Connor push his ride-on trucks and walker around.

I love to watch Connor climb on his ride-on trucks.

I love his excitement when Connor is pushed around on his ride-on trucks.

I love how excited Connor gets when we say "Let's go ride Connor's car."

I love that Connor doesn't want to get out of his car when it is time to go in.

I love that Connor enjoys playing outside so much.

I love to watch Connor at the playground.

I love when Connor smiles at strangers.

I love Connor's chubby cheeks.

I love Connor's beautiful eyes.

I love that Connor is so sweet and happy.

I love Connor!