Thursday, March 26, 2009

Outside Fun

Connor would play outside all day, every day! He runs to the door and bangs on it to go outside. He also pitches a fit when we bring him inside. We've been going to the playground almost every day that it is warm. And, he's still not satisfied after an hour at the playground. We usually have to play outside until Daddy gets home from work. Then, Daddy plays outside with him until dinner is ready! These rainy days like today are BAD for Connor!

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. He LOVES to play ball outside! I have to turn him away from the balls in the garage when we go in and out of the house so that he doesn't pitch a fit to play with them!

On Sunday, we picked Connor up from the nursery at church and the man that helps with his room asked, "Does Connor throw the ball a lot at home?" Of course, we said, "Yes, that's ALL he does. Every toy is a ball to him and is meant to be thrown!" Apparantly, Connor threw the ball the entire time at Sunday School. He impressed his teachers with his great arm!
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Great-Granddaddy's Birthday Party

Great-Granddaddy turned 90 in January and due to sickness and a funeral, the birthday party was post-poned until March! Unfortunately, Gi-Gi (his wife, Connor's Great-Grandmother), was sick and could not go to the party. :( Here are a couple of pictures from dinner. (The lady next to Great-Granddaddy is Ailene, the family friend that set up Bob and Ann!)

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High Chair

A few weeks ago, we packed up and headed to Atlanta for Great-Granddaddy's 90th Birthday Party. When I was packing, I got Connor's travel high chair out and left it in the Bonus Room, so that I wouldn't forget it. Connor found it and had the best time climbing in it, trying to buckle himself in, and trying to put the tray on it.

So cute!
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Connor's First Haircut

Bye Bye Baby Hair!
Connor had his first haircut today! We went to a kids haircut place and Connor got to sit in (and drive) a little airplane. He was a perfect angel the whole time and it was a great experience! It went much smoother than Mommy had expected! We did not get a lot cut off, but just a trim in the back and the front.

Here is a picture before the haircut...


And after...

He is such a handsome little man!
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