Thursday, June 25, 2009

I want...

I want this dishwasher...
Why? Because it has wonderful hidden controls! Connor would not be able to touch the controls and therefore, would not be able to turn on the dishwasher!

We have this dishwasher, which works perfectly fine, but I WANT the above one so bad!
The dishwasher is Connor's new favorite toy. He knows exactly how to lock it and turn it on. He loves the buttons and the knobs. I can't keep him away from it! Oh well...until we win the lottery, we won't be getting a new dishwasher. I'll just have to keep following behind him and turning it off.

Here's a cute picture of the litte monkey...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waterbabies Swim Class

Connor is taking the Waterbabies Swim Class at the YMCA this week and next week. He absolutely LOVES it! He loves the pool and doesn't mind getting his head and face wet. He giggles and smiles the whole class. Today, the teacher dunked each baby and he did great! He was surprised, but not scared or upset. At the end of class, we take a "field trip" out to the YMCA's outdoor water park "sprinkler" area. It is water coming out of the concrete and out of arches and other things. Connor absolutely LOVES this part of class. His favorite thing is an arch that shoots water out from every direction. He walks or runs through it and even goes and stands in the water shooting at his face! It is a joy to watch him!
I cannot wait to go to the beach with him later this summer. I think he will have a great time!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cat Watching

We do not have any pets (and are not getting any!), but there is a cat that hangs out at our house. Connor loves to watch him from the windows. I love to hear him say "cat" and to hear him "meow." It is so cute! Here are some pictures of him watching the cat yesterday.

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Water Table

I got a great deal on a water table a few weeks ago at Target. Connor loves to play in the water. He ends up soaked from head to toe, but it is so much fun for him and for me! I love to watch im try to pour the water into the funnels! Here are a few pictures from a recent water adventure.

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Fun at the Mall

Our mall has an indoor play area for preschoolers. Connor has a GREAT time there because the slide and other toys are the perfect size for him. Last weekend was so HOT, so we went to the mall on Saturday night to play and eat dinner. As you can see, Connor had so much fun!

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Two Tricks

Connor has impressed me with two new tricks.

1. Home Depot has a Disney line of paint and the paint swatches come in Mickey Mouse shapes. I picked up some basic colors a while back like red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, purple, and orange. Connor loves to play with the color swatches! He knows almost all of the colors now. He can say some of them like yellow and black (and he said purple today). But, his big trick is that I ask him to point to a specific color and he can point to them! He got red and yellow a couple of months ago and I haven't done it much with him since, but recently he's been more interested again. Now, he knows red, yellow, black, orange, and green easily. And, he has been getting blue, purple, and white in the last day or so! I'm pretty impressed with him (but, I'm a little biased)! :)

2. He loves buckles and belts. He LOVES to play with his daddy's belt! And, he LOVES to buckle himself in to anything...the carseat, the stroller, the high chair, etc. He gets irritated if we try to help. His carseat is a five point harness set up and he can put the chest area together, then he can can put the two metal parts into the bottom part himself. I have to push them all the way in to make sure that it snaps, but he can put it all together himself. This achievement is very normal for toddlers, but I'm especially impressed because of his nystagmus. Nystagmus is known to affect eyesight and hand/eye coordination. We've been so thankful that he seems to show no sign of it affecting his eyesight and we are so thankful that it seems to have no affect on his hand/eye coordination! We've thought for months and months that he has great hand/eye coordination, but everytime he does something like put the carseat buckles together, I remember how thankful I am that he seems so unaffected by his nystagmus. Not only his is great with buckles, he can hit a ball great (he even tries to throw it up and hit it, but he usually just throws it at the bat and hits it) and he can kick the ball really well while running. Thank you, Lord, for giving him good eyesight and hand/eye coordination!

Here's a cute video. Last weekend, Connor and Daddy started playing with little car that you pull back and let go. They would sit on one side of the kitchen, pull the car back and let it go. Then, Connor would run get the car and bring it back to Daddy. After I cleaned up dinner, I sat down at the other end of the kitchen to play with them. I thought that I could just send the car back down to them when it got to me. Oh no...that's not what Connor had in mind! This video does not capture the determination he had to return the car back to Daddy, but it gives you a hint of it. When I first sat down with them, he would run full speed to me when I caught the car, grab it and run back to daddy yelling "daddy, daddy, daddy"! Obviously, Mommy couldn't do a good job, only Daddy! At the end of the video, you see Connor love for the camera!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This and That...

There are so many things that Connor does now that I do not want to ever forget. They are the things that make him Connor! So, these are as much for my benefit as it is for your reading pleasure.
1. Yesterday, Connor did not want to go down for a nap, so after 5 minutes of crying, I went in to pat him and lay him back down. When I went in, guess what was in his hand...HIS DIAPER! Yep, he took it off and was holding it! I usually let him sleep without his shorts so that he doesn't get too hot and it is more comfortable and yesterday he had a t-shirt on instead of a onesie. So, he had easy access for figuring out how the diaper worked! Luckily, I found no pee or poop in the bed! No more t-shirt and diapers for nap. He will always wear shorts or a onesie to sleep!
2. Connor usually gets a Mini Masterpiece at Moe's. It is a kids quesadilla (sp.?) and it comes with sour cream and salsa. The salsa is basically just chunks of tomatoes. Connor LOVES the tomatoes. He eats them out of the cup by the handful! So funny!
3. He loves cats. He doesn't want to actually touch or get too close to any kind of animal, but notices them and points them out all the time. Cats are particularly interesting to him. There's a cat that hangs out in our backyard and he loves to point to it and say "cat." He finds cats in books and doesn't want to turn the page because he wants to keep pointing out the cat! I love the way he says cat, too. It is just adorable!
4. He HAS to push the button himself to close the garage when we go inside.
5. He HAS to help put ice or water in the glasses out of the fridge. If he hears the ice maker in the fridge, he RUNS to the kitchen to help fill the glasses!
6. Connor is OBSESSED with trucks! He points out all of the trucks on the road when we're driving around town or on the interstate. He usually notices them way before we do!
7. Connor is OBSESSED with hats! He must watch to see if someone is wearing a hat wherever we go. If anyone has a hat on, he points and says "hat." He loves to wear one and loves when someone else has one on their head!
8. Red and yellow are interchangeable and are always yellow. The answer to the question "What color is this?" is always "yellow." He points to all red and yellow things and says "yellow."
9. There are a lot of easy words that he will not try to say, but he tries to say all difficult words that have an "L" in them: umbrella, alligator, Elizabeth. It is so cute!
10. He knows the sounds that many animals make. He knows cow, tiger, pig, bird, cat, duck, lion, and more. For dog, he pants! He will not bark, say arf arf or ruf ruf, but he pants! We don't know where he learned it, but it is so cute. And, he whispers the sounds. He is a LOUD baby so much of the time, but when you as him what sound an animal makes, he always whispers the answer.
Connor is such a funny little guy! He is so happy and just goes with the flow so well! I fear that our next child (nope, no time soon, Kim!) will be very high maintenance, because Connor is definitely not! He does so well when we go out to eat, to the grocery store, church, shopping or wherever. I can take him so many places without worries. He actually LOVES to go out and about. He gets bored at home and loves to run errands! He is so good for others like my parents or Jeremy's parents (he's only had one babysitter that wasn't family, but I'm sure he'd do great if he did). He is so good at church. He just goes right in and finds a truck or ball and heads off to play. I'm very blessed!
I know that these memories will fade, probably sooner than later, so I wanted to write them down before I forgot. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Overnight without Mommy and Daddy!

Connor spent the weekend with Sunshine and Granddaddy in LaGrange. This was his first overnight trip without Mommy or Daddy! He did great except for one night when he wanted to play instead of sleep! They went to Callaway Gardens and saw a fire truck. They took him to church and of course, showed him off to as many people as possible! Here are some pictures from his trip.

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Busy Week!

Last week was VERY busy for Connor. We had a playdate on Monday with our friends Rohan and Emma. Then, we babysat for our neighbor's girls on Tuesday. Wednesday, Uncle Steve stopped by to play on his way to Myrtle Beach. Connor had a great time playing with him! Then, we headed to Atlanta on Thursday to visit Mimi and Bobbles and Gigi and Great-Granddaddy! Great-Granddaddy is 90 years young and had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago. He's recovering at home, so we decided to go visit. Connor was a little scared of Great-Granddaddy because he was in the bed a lot of the day. I think he thought that he may have to go to bed too! But, he had a great time with Mimi, Bobbles, and Gigi! Here are a few pictures from our week:

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Paint Weekend

The reason that we sent Connor to Sunshine and Granddaddy's was so that Jeremy and I could have a "Paint Weekend." Jeremy and I painted our kitchen table and chairs and Connor's bathroom cabinets. We love the way they turned out!

Kitchen Table and Chairs Before:


Bathroom Cabinets Before:


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