Thursday, July 30, 2009

Play Ball!

Summer is so much fun for kids and I'm so glad that Connor is getting to enjoy one of the childhood pasttimes that I remember so well...
Connor and I are spending the week in LaGrange with my parents. My cousin, Jane Anne, and her three boys, Mills, Andrew, and Davis are here for the week, also. Connor thinks he's as big as his 10 year old and 7 year old cousins! Tonight, after dinner, the boys did what all kids love to do and set up a makeshift baseball field in my parents backyard. Connor loves baseball and thinks he is big enough to play with the big boys, so he had his chance at hitting the ball and running the bases. Isn't he so cute!?!

Tomorrow night, the whole gang (Jane Anne, Mills, Andrew, Davis, Nonnie (my aunt Carlene), Uncle Dusty, Sunshine, Granddaddy, Stan, and a friend of his, along with Connor and me) is headed to Atlanta for a Braves game! I'll post pictures soon. Now, I'm sure Connor (and probably the younger cousins) will not sit down for the game, but there are so many fun things to do at Braves games and Connor will have more than enough willing adults to walk him around! Go Braves!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Boy!

Here are some cute pictures that I took of Connor on a swing in my parents neighborhood after church yesterday. I love them!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Connor and I have been doing Kindermusik for the past year. It is a great "mommy and me" type of music class. Connor loves it! He loves the music, the instruments, and playing with other boys and girls. We were not going to do the five week mini session this summer because we had VBS and swimming lessons during the first three weeks of the session. But, when those activities were over, I emailed our teacher Manda and asked if we could join for the last couple of weeks. He has loved it! We'll miss not going until August!

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He'd Rather Be Naked!

Connor was SO good all weekend! It was our first trip to a hotel with him. We stayed at an Embassy Suites, so that he could have his own room for naps. It was also his first wedding. Connor's a little loud and NEVER still so I did not risk him ruining the wedding with an outburst, so Connor and I watched the wedding procession from a distance, then went around to the other side of the house to play. But, he was still very good and was a great during the reception. He had so much fun!

After such a busy weekend, he was happy to be home. He needed a diaper and clothes change when we got home and refused to put clothes on afterwards. Oh well, we just let him run around with only a diaper for the next couple of hours. He loved it!

He'd Rather Be Naked!

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Most Beautiful Flower Girl Ever

Connor's cousin Harper was the most beautiful flower girl ever!

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Handsome Little Man

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Family Pictures at Jessica's Wedding

We went to Jeremy's cousin Jessica's wedding this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding! We took a few pictures of the three of us before the wedding while we were all dressed up. I loved Connor's little seersucker outfit!

Here are some pictures of Jeremy's family.

Andy and Abby:

Mimi and Bobbles:
Lee, Kevin, Harper, and Evie:

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The Cousins

We had so much fun hanging out with Jeremy's family this weekend. Connor especially had fun with his cousins, Harper (almost 4) and Evie (13 months) and with his grandparents, Mimi and Bobbles.

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The Georgia Aquarium

Jeremy's cousin, Jessica, was getting married in Ball Ground, GA last Saturday, so we headed up to the Atlanta area for the weekend. Jeremy took Friday off so that the three of us could go to The Georgia Aquarium. We had so much fun! Connor especially loved the bright colored fish like the yellow, blue, and red fish. He would say "lello, lello, lello" for the yellow fish! It was a great chance for us to spend the day together and take Connor to a fun place. I love all opportunities to take Connor places like this. And, he was such a good baby! I look forward to more and more opportunities to take Connor places like this.

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Connor's Hat!

Last week, Connor found a wipes box next to the door to be thrown in the garbage. Well, like most little kids, he can make any trash into a toy! Eventually, Jeremy cut out a face hole and shoulder slots so that he could wear it as a hat! He loves it and still wears it this week!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Pictures

We went to Jeremy's cousin's wedding this weekend in Ball Ground, GA. The wedding was beautiful! The photographer was able to get a few pictures of Connor and here are the links:

I just LOVE the first one and think Connor looks so sweet looking at the leaf in the second one. The pictures that are up on the website are her "sneak peak" pictures. I know that she took a few other pictures of Connor during the day, so I hope those turn out okay and will be up on her site soon.

I'll post more pictures that I took soon, but I wanted to go ahead and post these links!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The King and Prince

In St. Simons, we went to breakfast at The King and Prince Hotel one morning. After breakfast, I was able to get a few pictures of Connor. He would not sit still for pictures, but here is what I got!

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Fourth of July Weekend

For the Fourth of July weekend, we head to St. Simons, GA. My cousins live there, but they were on vacation in Florida, so they offered their house to my parents and us for the weekend. Connor had so much fun! Of course, he was spoiled rotten by Sunshine and Granddaddy! When Granddaddy is around, he does not want anyone else. He woke up asking for Sunshine and Granddaddy each morning. One afternoon, Sunshine got on Jane Anne's bike and rode it down the street. Now, everytime we've seen a bike, Connor says Sunshine!
Connor was able to experience fireworks for the first time. We watched from afar, but he enjoyed watching them on top of Granddaddy's shoulders (his new favorite place). We had so much fun over the weekend!

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St. Simons opened a new small water park this summer. There's one pool that starts off where you can walk into it and it gradually gets deeper and deeper. There is also another pool that is shallow, but it a big playground in the middle with waterslides. Connor LOVED the waterslides! We rode down the slides with him and we started off on the smaller, straight slides. He enjoyed that, so I took him on the bigger, curvy, tube slide. He LOVED it! Each time we got to the top of the play area, I would ask him which slide he wanted to go down and he always wanted to go down the big one! My fearless toddler!
This is one of my favorite pictures. I love how they are sitting the same way on the side of the pool!
About to go down the small slide...
At the bottom...
Swimming with Daddy...
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