Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a few things...

1. Connor peed in the potty TWICE tonight!

2. Connor and I went through a big picture book pointing out different pictures tonight. He pointed to band-aids and said "Harper." On our vacation last week, Harper kept getting new band-aids, so he associated band-aids with Harper!

3. While looking through the book, we looked at the food page and I pointed out several different foods. I pointed out the yogurt and he said "Mimi." On vacation, Mimi ate yogurt for breakfast every day, so he associated yogurt with Mimi!

He amazes me each and every day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ann and Thomas

Connor got to play with Ann and Thomas this past weekend at the LC game. He had so much fun with them!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Day Pictures!

Here are a few pictures of Connor from his first football game.

Watching the game with Granddaddy and Uncle Stan...


Connor and Granddaddy...
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Monday, September 7, 2009

"Are you ready for some football?!"

Connor is!
Connor went to his first football game this past weekend. While Mommy and Daddy headed to the great city of Auburn for the Auburn - LA Tech game (War Eagle!), Connor stayed in LaGrange with my parents and they headed to the LaGrange College football game on Saturday. Connor was able to enjoy his first tailgate...he's being trained for many more in the future!
So, how would you expect a 20 month old active toddler boy to act at a football game? Climbing all around, running around, etc.?
Well, not Connor! He was too busy WATCHING the game to run around, climb down, or anything else. This little boy LOVES sports and he just sat in my parents' laps most of the game! He never tried to get down. He just watched the game. Eventually, Granddaddy took him to walk around during the 3rd Quarter, but he was perfectly happy just watching the big boys play football. When my parents told me how well he did during the game, I was shocked! Connor does not sit still other than to sleep or to read books. He is constantly running everywhere, climbing on furniture or up the stairs, throwing balls, and pushing trucks around. He won't even sit still to watch Elmo or any other children's shows on TV. I can't believe that he was so still for the game! Oh well, I shouldn't be so surprised since he did so well at the Braves game a few weeks ago, but I'm still amazed!
I love the way that Connor says football. It is so cute! It sounds like "foo-fall!"
Tonight, we taught him how to put the ball on the ground and "hike" it through his legs. Here's a video of him hiking the ball. It is too cute!