Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kackleberry Farm

We headed to Louisville, GA to visit Kackleberry Farm today with our friends Annette and Jordan to celebrate their daughter's first birthday! Connor had so much fun! He was able to jump on the "jump bubble," race rubber duckies, ride on a bucking bronco, pet and feed goats and sheeps and other animals, play on a playground, play in a teepee, ride the cow-train, stroll through the corn maize, and pick a pumpkin! It is definitely something that I would like to do every fall with our family. Today was a beautful day and it was so much fun to enjoy it with our family and with good friends!

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Train Table

My cousin, Jane Anne's boys (Mills, Andrew, and Davis) have passed down their AWESOME train table to Connor! He has had it a week and he LOVES it! He will enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you Mills, Andrew, and Davis!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Connor's Song

Well, we need to start working on Connor's -sh sound...
A few nights ago, Connor started spinning in circles saying "As-s, as-s," but we could not figure out what he was saying (and we knew that we had not taught him a bad word!). He would spin round and round and laugh and laugh as he said "As-s, as-s" over and over again. It was pretty funny to watch!
Then, the next morning, he was doing it again, but suddenly I heard, "fa down!" Ah-ha! That was the key! He was doing "Ring Around the Rosey!"
Ashes, ashes. We all fall down!
Silly boy! We better start working on the -sh sound so that he says "Ashes" and people do not think we have taught him dirty words!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Funny Pictures!

I couldn't resist posting a few funny pictures!

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Check out this handsome set of twins!

When Connor and I stopped in LaGrange for the night on our way home from the beach, I had dressed Connor in a yellow shirt with blue stripes and khaki shorts. It was an easy travel outfit. When we got to LaGrange, Granddaddy had on a yellow shirt with blue stripes and khaki shorts! Connor LOVES the color yellow. He is slightly OBSESSED with yellow, so Granddaddy bought a new yellow shirt recently in honor of Connor's obsession and wore it for Connor that day. Surprise...they matched that day! And I was able to get some great pictures of them!

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Harper, Connor, and Evie

Connor and his cousins are at such a FUN and busy age! They had so much fun together and they all learned so much from each other! Harper just turned four in July, Connor was 20 month and Evie was 16 months. Here are a few pictures I took of them. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get one with all three smiling and looking at the camera. Oh well!

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Beach Trip #2

A few weeks ago we headed to Destin, FL for our second trip to the beach this summer. Jeremy's parents, Mimi and Bobbles, Jeremy's brother Kevin, his wife Lee, and their two kids, Harper and Evie were all there. His brother Andy and his girlfriend Abby were the only ones missing. We hope they can make it next year! Connor and I were away from home for 16 days and at the beach for 13 days!

Connor had so much fun at the beach and with his cousins. The three of them can entertain each other for hours! Connor is still talking about Harper and Evie (Har-Har and E-be)!

"Look! Shells!"

I was able to get some great pictures of Connor on the beach when we went in August, but I put Connor in a white shirt and headed down to the beach with Lee to try to take Evie and Harper's pictures on the beach. The photo session did not go well, but here is a cute one of Connor!

Connor LOVES Destin Commons! He loves the playground and he enjoyed the "water park" one night!

Beach bum!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Amazed

Connor is 21 months old today! As a mother, I am constantly amazed by my little man. From peeing on the potty to recognizing cars that look like his grandparent's, uncle's, and neighbor's cars when we are out and about to remembering things that happened weeks ago, I am ALWAYS amazed by this little guy. Here are a few things he has done recently that just amaze me!

1. We recently spent two weeks at the beach with Jeremy's family. One night after Jeremy and his brother, Kevin, had gone back home for work, Connor and I went to eat at Panera at Destin Commons with my sister-in-law,Lee and her two girls, Harper and Evie. When we got there, Connor started pointing at a chair and saying "Mommy, Mommy." Then, he ran over to it, climbed in it, and kept saying "Mommy, Mommy." It was the exact same seat that I had sat in over a month before when we had gone to the beach with my family! One night, we went to Destin Commons and my parents and Jeremy and Connor walked around while I sat on that seat at that table and worked on my laptop for a little while. Connor and Jeremy came to sit with me for a little while and Connor remembered that it had been my chair! I am so amazed with his memory!

2. Connor knows all of his basic colors. He knew red and yellow by the time he was 15 months old. And, by 18 months, he knew all of them if I asked him to point to a particular color. And by 20 months, he could name them all (although I still need to translate some words to strangers). He knows red, yellow, black, blue, green, orange, brown, white, pink, and purple. His absolute favorite color is yellow. He wants to wear yellow. He loves anything that is yellow and points out all yellow objects, cars, signs, toys, shirts, etc. Last night when we picked him up from the nursery at church, the teacher said "He knows ALL of his colors!" She was so amazed! We are too!

3. I took Connor to see his pediatrician on Tuesday to receive Flumist (we chose this over the flushot because of the benefits after discussing it with the doctor). On the way, I kept explaining that the doctor would put something in his nose called Flumist and squirt something up there. I did not want him to be freaked out by it. So, I would ask him "Where will the doctor put the flumist?" and he would touch his nose and say "nose." So, when we got there, the doctor looked him over and then had me hold him back and he held his head. Connor just smiled and acted like the strange sensation was no big deal! The doctor actually said when we left "That was impressive!" He said that most little ones do not react that well to the sensation. Good job, Connor!

4. On Monday night at dinner, we tried to tell him that he was going to go to the doctor on Tuesday. He immediately said, "Doctor. Eyes." He remembered that three weeks ago, we had gone to the opthalmologist to check his eyes! So smart and what an amazing memory!

He is constantly amazing me. And, of course, I'm just a proud mommy! I LOVE to watch him learn and understand and relate. He is growing so much and his little brain is constantly absorbing so much. I am just amazed by how much he has grown and learned in the past 21 months. I hate for him to grow up, but I can't wait to see how much he learns over the next 21 months!

By the way, I just uploaded over 200 pictures from the past few weeks (mainly our beach trip). I'll have to sort through and find a few winners to post!