Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Park

The beginning of this week was beautiful and warm. We were able to eat lunch outside on Monday and we were able to play outside a couple of days. On Tuesday, Connor and I headed to the playground for some much needed running, climbing, and jumping! And, to make the day even more perfect, Daddy left work early and surprised us at the park! We had a great time playing on at the park and cannot wait for more warm days to enjoy!

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A Few Cute Pictures...

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My Awesome New Storage Pieces!

I can brag about these storage pieces, because I'm bragging about my brother's amazing wood-working skills! Aren't these beautiful?! I told Stan exactly what I wanted and he built it. I LOVE them! And, they hold so many toys! The bottom drawers hold ALL of Connor trucks and cars. You'd be amazed how many trucks and cars one little boy can have! And, most of his other toys are in the doors. I love that i can close the doors and drawers and not see quite so many toys in my living room! Yes, we still have a train table in the living room and a couple of ride on toys, a wheelbarrow, and a shopping cart, but SO many of his toys are now HIDDEN!

Thank you, Stan! You did an amazing job!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

MckMama Blog

Last night was the very worst night that I can remember with Connor. He woke up at 12:45 a.m. and did not go back to sleep until 4:45. I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Jeremy probably got 3 hours of sleep. We're exhausted today!

But, my friend Daphne, a mom of three, sent me an email that she had gotten from a friend telling her about a blog posting on MckMama's blog. I have read her blog before, but I do not follow it regularly. I do not know her, but she is widely followed in the blog community and I had heard of her and read a little about her. I read this blog posting and I pray that I will remember on days like today (or nights like last night) that "I'm gonna to miss this."

MckMama's Blog Post: "I'm Gonna Miss This"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stuffed Animals

Connor LOVES stuffed animals. He absolutely loves them! He would sleep would all of these that are in the chair with him everyday and night if I would let him, but there would not be any room for him in his bed if he had all of these with him! But, I sure thought this was a cute pictue!

So, are you wondering why Elmo is wearing underwear?

Ask Connor!
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Connor's 2nd Birthday - #2

Here is Connor decorating his birthday cake!

Cute little fireman!

Family picture...

His mini-cake...
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Birthday Morning Picture

Last year I took this picture of Connor while Jeremy and I sang "Happy Birthday to You" to him on his birthday morning.

So, I did it again this year! Look how much he has grown and changed!

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The White House

We had so much fun at The White House...well, the Huntsville White House after Christmas. Connor had a blast with his cousins, Harper and Evie and he was spoiled rotten by Mimi and Bobbles, as well as Aunt Lee, Uncle Kevin, and Uncle Andy. He even got to spend some time with his Great-Aunt Francise. Uncle Kevin (the family pyro-expert) launched fireworks on New Year's Eve. Connor and Harper LOVED the fireworks, but poor Evie HATED them! Connor kept asking for "more fireworks!" We had so much fun during our few days with the family and look forward to the next time we get together!

A Few Cute Pictures

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor! - #1

Connor had a great birthday party in LaGrange a few days before his actual birthday. We had sang "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus on Christmas Day, so when we would ask Connor who's birthday it was on his party day, he kept replying "Baby Jesus!" Once we sorted out the birthday boy issue, Connor had a great time decorating his cupcakes with sprinkles, blowing out his candles, opening presents, and eating cake! By the time his birthday rolled around after so many Christmas presents, he was a pro at opening birthday presents! This was such a fun birthday for him and for us. It was fun to see him understand what he was receiving and really enjoy everything. Thank you, Williamson family, for all of Connor's wonderful presents!

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A Few December Pictures

We were so busy during December and I have not had a chance to post some of the pictures. I still have to post pictures from our Huntsville Christmas and from Connor's birthday parties, but here are a few miscellaneous pictures from December.

The shirt Connor is wearing is what he calls his "Daddy Shirt"! He looks so grown and so cute in it. It is one of my favorites!

The week before Christmas, Connor and I visited LaGrange so that we could go to the carousel in Valley, AL and to Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens. Stan, Ree and I took Connor to the carousel one night while my parents hosted my dad's office party at their house. (How do you cook for 40+ people and host a party at your house singlehandedly? Ask my mom! I could never do it, but she does it every year!) Connor LOVED the carousel and spending time with Uncle Stan and Aunt Ree. When we were walking back to the car, Stan put Connor down so that he could walk and he went over to Ree and grabbed her hand to hold. It was so sweet!

We had Christmas with Jane Anne, Rob, Mills, Andrew, Davis, Nonnie, and Uncle Dusty at our house the weekend before Christmas. Connor absolutely LOVES his cousins. And, they are so good to him!

Connor is now fascinated with cowboys ever since we visited Rawhide in Arizona. So, he loves cowboy hats, horses and boots! Here's Connor wearing one of Granddaddy's hats that he now calls a cowboy hat. During Christmas in LaGrange, Connor sat in Granddaddy's lap and watched part of a western movie on TV. It happened to come on twice that day, so he got to see parts of it both times. Over the next few days, he kept asking to watch the cowboys and horses. He kept saying "Cowboys run fast!"
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Connor!

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Connor.
Happy birthday to you!
Two years ago today, Connor Jackson White joined our family! And our lives were changed forever! This has been the busiest, most fun, loudest, sweetest, most special two years of our lives. I cannot imagine life without Connor. He makes us smile and laugh constantly and he is the only one that can make us make a fool out of ourselves in public for a a quick little smile or a happy little giggle. I felt like he grew so much during year one, but I could not imagine the changes that would occur in year two! Connor learned to walk, run, jump, dance, say single words, say phrases and sentences, sing, color, make animal sounds, name animals, count to 10 and beyond, name his colors, say some of his ABC's, and so much more! He experienced so many new things this year including his first trip to the zoo, his first trip to the Aquarium, his first Atlanta Braves game, his first LaGrange College football game, his first Auburn football game, his first overnight trip away from Mommy and Daddy, and his first airplane ride. We took trips to Atlanta, LaGrange, Huntsville, St. Simons, Destin, and Scottsdale. He has gotten to know more and more friends like Lydia, Kaleb, Ivy, Anna, Adalyn, Rohan, and more. He has enjoyed seeing his friends at playdates, church, and Kindermusik. He has loved playing with his cousins: Harper, Evie, Mills, Andrew, Davis, and Mackenzie. He has loved spending time with his grandparents: Sunshine and Granddaddy, and Mimi and Bobbles. Some of his favorite things are playing outside, going to the playground, kicking and throwing balls, playing with little trucks and cars, playing on his train table, reading books, coloring, going to church, and going to Kindermusik. He absolutely loves to sing and do the motions of "If Your Happy and You Know It". He sleeps great (11-12 hours at night until 8 a.m., and 3 hour naps). He constantly reminds us that he is a "big boy." He is one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most smiley, most laid back kids. We have had such a good time being Connor's Mommy and Daddy! He is such a blessing and we have loved having him in our lives. I'm sad that my baby boy is growing up so fast. How have two years gone by so fast!? But, we are so excited to watch Connor grow even more and turn into such a precious little boy. Year three should be a great year!
Happy Birthday Connor!
We Love You!