Friday, April 30, 2010

War Eagle!

We headed to Auburn for the A-Day game (Auburn's spring football game) in the middle of April. We met up with Aunt Lee, Uncle Kevin, Harper, Evie, Uncle Andy, and Miss Abby and had so much fun! Connor had a great time at the game; he even took a short nap during the game! We can't wait to take Connor to more Auburn games (although, probably not this fall since we won't be going much of anywhere with Baby #2 coming in October)!


Cute Little Guy

Do you know how many times we have gone out in public lately with Connor wearing shorts and his red "fireman" boots and often a hat (Jeremy's visor or even a paper crown from Build-a-Bear at the mall)!? He has not gone out in public wearing his boxers like in this picture, but this is definitely one of his favorite outfits!

My cute guys...
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One more Ball Game!

While in LaGrange in early April, Connor was able to go to a LaGrange College baseball game with Sunshine and Granddaddy. He loves going ANYWHERE with Granddaddy, but especially to a ballgame!

One of the biggest highlights of Connor's week in LaGrange was going to Granddaddy's with just Granddaddy! He has gone to Granddaddy's office many times and LOVES going there, but he has never gone with just Granddaddy. One morning, my mom and I wanted to go shopping at a few stores in town, so Granddaddy said he would take Connor with him to the office. That was a huge hit! He still talks about going to Granddaddy's office. Now, if you don't know, Granddaddy is the Athletic Director at LaGrange College, so his office is not the typical, boring office. His office has BALLS! Lots, and lots of balls! And, Connor knows where every one of them is kept and he immediately goes looking for each of them!

Since then, whenever I say that we are going to the doctor's office, or to take something to Daddy's office or something like that, Connor always says "There are probably balls there!" I have to keep reminding him that only Granddaddy's office has balls in it!
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Take me out to the ball game!

Connor and I visited Sunshine and Granddaddy at the beginning of April for a few days. We were able to head to Connor's second Atlanta Braves baseball game. He went to one last summer and had so much fun, so I was looking forward to taking him to another one. Again, he had a ball! He loves watching all of the people and cheering, but there is so much to do at Turner Field. He hated to leave!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Basket

Connor loves his Easter Basket. He thinks it looks nice as a necklace, too!

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Mommy's Little Helper

Connor is always very helpful. He wants to help me cook, empty the dishwasher, load and unload the washing machine and dryer, make tea, etc. Here are a couple of pictures of him helping me empty the dishwasher and make tea.

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Happy 30th Birthday, Jeremy!

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Family Visit

I have been SO delinquent in posting pictures lately. So, I'm about to post several weeks worth! This first post and the next are from Jeremy's birthday weekend. The weekend before Jeremy's 30th birthday, Jeremy's family headed to Augusta to visit us and celebrate with us. Connor had so much fun with Mimi, Bobbles, Uncle Andy, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Lee, Harper and Evie. He really enjoyed having his cousins, Harper and Evie, here.

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