Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun in Huntsville

Connor and I headed to Huntsville a couple of weeks ago to visit Mimi and Bobbles. We normally only go once a year after Christmas because it is so far. It is a six hour drive if you do not stop, but with a pregnant lady and a two year old, you have to stop often! So, it took us about 8 hours. Luckily, Connor was so good! The guys (Kevin, Andy, and Jeremy) were having a brothers weekend in Auburn, so we planned our trip around it. Aunt Lee, Harper, and Evie headed up for the weekend, too. These three kids have SO much fun together. I love to watch them play and interact! I'm so glad that they are fairly close in age and enjoy each other's company so much. I think that Evie is typically so glad to have someone else entertaining Harper and she likes to do her own thing. But, she loves Connor so much and he loves her! Connor is absolutely fascinated with Harper and wants to do everything that she is doing. They had so much fun just playing in Mimi and Bobble's closet. They had to clean it out for a renovation project, so the kids enjoyed "helping" and playing on the empty rods! On Saturday, Lee and I took the kids to the local children's museum. Connor loved the water table and the trucks! Now, we are looking forward to spending a week with all of Jeremy's family at the beach in June!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helping Bobbles make coffee...

Play time with Harper...

Story time with Harper...

Wearing Mimi's shoes...
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One of Connor's favorite things to do is to sit on the steps and watch the sprinklers in front of our house!

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Put Me in the Zoo!

A few weeks ago, Connor and I headed to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC with friends from church. We had a great day! I've learned that there is no point in taking a stroller to the zoo with Connor. He started off getting in and out at each exhibit to get a better view of the animals, but he eventually would not get back in the stroller. So, he walked the rest of the day with his monkey backpack/leash! It worked great for him and me! I'm looking forward to another trip soon!

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Fun Times!

I've just transferred a month's worth of pictures from my camera to my computer, so I'm going to catch up with a few blog posts!

In the beginning of May, Connor and I met Sunshine in St. Simons to visit Jane Anne, Rob, and "the boys"! Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures, but Connor had a blast in their playroom, aka Disney World! He had more than enough cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, airplanes, buses, etc. to play with and then he also had the constant entertainment of Mills, Andrew, and Davis. They love him so much and are so good with him!

Connor loves shoes! He loves to wear anyone's shoes, but especially Daddy's!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Baby BOY #2 will join us in early October! We're very excited for Connor to have a brother. I pray that they will love each other and enjoy the brother relationship!

So, send us your name suggestions! We need HELP!