Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Trip 2010 - Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida 2010

We headed to Destin, Florida to spend the week with extended White Family. Connor had so much fun (as always) with is cousins and his Mimi and Bobbles. He loves all of his family so much and I love to watch him interact with them. Aren't these the cutest three kids!?!?

Last year, Connor had a great time on the beach, but it took a while for him to warm up to the ocean and he never ventured too far into it. This year, he was brave and LOVED the ocean. We spent the first two days playing in the ocean a lot. He wanted to be in the ocean with Harper all the time. After the first two days, the water was rougher, so we did not let him venture far into it when it was rough. Then, the tar balls came. Yes, sadly, our beautiful Destin beaches are starting to become effected by tar balls. They were very small, but we did not want the kids in the water with them. Some people were still playing in the water, but we chose not to do so. But, the kids still had a great time playing in the sand!

We have always stayed in a condo at Destin Gulfgate, but we decided to try something new this year. We chose a townhouse this year and really enjoyed it. There was plenty of space for us, but the best part was that we walked right out onto the beach. We've always stayed on the beach side, so we had a great view, but this year's house allowed us to walk directly out our door onto the beach. One of my favorite things to do was to head out onto the beach for an early morning walk first thing in the morning. It was so convenient!

We hope that Destin will not be hit hard by the oil spill and our beautiful white sandy beaches of Destin will still be beautiful white sandy beaches next year! But, we're thankful for a great trip this time and look forward to the next time we get together with The White Family!
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Beach Trip 2010 - Happy Birthday Evie!

Evie's birthday was at the end of May, but our trip to Destin was our first chance to get together with her to celebrate, so Evie was able to have a long birthday month!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evie!

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Beach Trip 2010 - Build-A-Bear/Monkey

We spent a morning at Build-a-Bear while in Destin. Connor LOVES stuffed animals, so we figured it was time to let him build his own to add to his collection. He made a monkey that he loves and that he has named George. George is Connor's new constant companion. I think that his favorite part is that he can dress and undress George! He now needs some new outfit!

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Beach Trip 2010 - Destin Commons

Connor and Harper had a great time playing in the water at Destin Commons and riding the train.

Connor and Harper also got to spend some time at The Track in Destin. Connor was tall enough this year to ride the Bumper Boats and Go-Carts with Daddy. He loved them and has continued to talk about them since! Unfortunately, I did not get pictures! Hopefully, Connor will get to go back to The Track when we go in August with my parents and I can get some pictures then.

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Beach Trip 2010 - Playing on the Beach

Evie's favorite thing was pouring water on Uncle Jeremy! Look at that sweet smile!

One cool dude...

Sweet cousins...

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An Update...Finally...

We have had a busy few weeks lately. And, I have been very delinquent updating my blog. I just uploaded 204 photos from my camera, though. So, here are some updates! We have spent time at the pool, been to Atlanta, been to LaGrange, painted our living room, participated in Vacation Bible School and been to the beach! It has all been a lot of fun for Connor (and us)! I do not have pictures of everything, but here are some pictures from some of our favorite things!

At the beginning of June, Connor and I headed to Atlanta for the day to spend time with Sunshine and Granddaddy and cousin Mackenzie. We met them at the Children's Museum, one of Connor's favorite places. Then, we headed to The Varsity for lunch and for a quick visit to GiGi and Great-Granddaddy's house. I did not get any pictures at Gigi and Great-Granddaddy's, but Connor had a great time showing off his newest tricks and playing with his great-grandparents and Mimi and Bobbles.

The two youngest grandchildren and two proud grandparents:



Playing with the Balls:

Driving the Tractor with Mackenzie:

Playing with Granddaddy:

Connor moved up in the world! We made the guest room into his new "big boy" room and he is SO proud of it! Everyday, he says "You want to see my new room?" even though he's been in it for almost a month now! He is sleeping great in it and loves that he can sleep with so many of his stuffed animals in his big bed!

We also headed to the church's summer nights event one Wednesday night. They had inflatables and a petting zoo. Connor loved it! We had done this last year, so I was excited to take him back this year. This week's summer nights event is "Wheels at Warren" and will feature all sorts of cars, motorcycles and the movie "Cars." We are looking forward to tonight's event!

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures from Vacation Bible School. I worked with a great group of 4/5 year olds and Connor was in the two year old class. I had fun, but Connor had an absolute BLAST! He played on the playground, did arts and crafts, sang some great songs, and learned so much about God! I loved hearing him come home every day and tell me what he learned. I am amazed at how much his little brain absorbs! His favorite part was definitely the music. On the second day, he came home singing the songs! I had not even learned all the words, but he knew the words and motions! I had to go back the next day determined to learn the music so that I could sing it with him. I was able to sneak away from my class a couple of days to join his class for music time. It was great to watch him participate, sing and dance! I wish that I have pictures or video of it, but I don't. You'll just have to visit us and hear him sing "God Made Me"!
We hope that everyone is having a great summer like us!