Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pregnant Ramblings

I am due in 5 weeks and 3 days (I'm 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant)! So, I figure, that I could have this baby anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks from now. Full-term is considered anywhere from 37 to 41 weeks and I figure most doctors don't let you go much more than a week over due, so that's where I get 3 to 7 weeks!

In some ways, I am so ready for this little guy to get here. He is CONSTANTY kicking me, punching me, and head-butting me! I thought that Connor was active inside of me, but I definitely think that this guy is much busier! He is always moving. I feel like he's trying to crawl out of my belly sometimes! It is actually painful at times! I cannot wait to meet him and kiss him and hold him. And, I am so excited to introduce him to his big brother! I know that life will be harder with two little ones, but I cannot wait to do things with both of them. And, I cannot wait to see how Connor will interact with him.

However, I am also sad to see the time I have individually with Connor come to an end. I love this little guy so much and he is my little buddy. For the past 2 1/2 years, we have done almost everything together. And, I know that I'll continue to do almost everything with him, but I'm sad that it will not be just the two of us anymore. However, I'm sad for the baby, too. He will never know the complete one-on-one attention that Connor has received for 2 1/2 years. I love doing things with Connor, playing with him, taking him places, etc. And, I don't want our new baby to limit the things that I get to do with Connor or the places that we get to go. I also don't want the stress of two kids to limit what we do. I want them both to experience everything that we can possibly do. I don't want to stop doing all of the things that we love to do...Kindermusik, Tuesday morning Bible Study, eating out, story time at the library, going to the playground, going to the mall, etc. soon after having Baby #2 were you willing/able to get out and about with both kids and get back into your normal weekly routine?

I'm a little nervous about having two kids, going on less sleep, starting over establishing a routine, nursing again, etc. But, I'm so excited to have a baby in the house again. I'm so excited to see us all interact with this new little boy and to get to know him. I'm excited to see how he is like Connor and different from Connor. I can't wait to see what he looks like and who he looks like. I can't wait to just hold him! And, I can't wait for Connor to meet him! He's going to be a great big brother. I'm sad that my baby boy is not a baby anymore and I know that he will seem even more grown up when we have a baby in the house. But, I am so excited that he will have a brother. I cannot wait see how their relationship unfolds and grows. I pray that they will love each other and be friends for life. Being our sons, they are forced to be brothers, but not friends. I pray that they will choose to be friends and that they will love each other so much.

I'm looking forward to this new White House Adventure! And, I look forward to cherishing the last few weeks of being a mom to just one little boy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Dentist Visit

Connor had his first dentist visit on Monday, August 16th. He did AMAZING! I couldn't believe how well he did. We went to a Pediatric Dentist and they were great with him. The only time I had a problem with him was when I tried to make him leave and he did not want to leave the train table in the waiting area. Of course, we have a train table that was almost identical, but he wanted THAT train table!

Here is Connor going up in the chair!

The hygentist is about to look at his teeth. He was nervous to lay back in the chair, but I told him it was like laying down on his bed and he was okay.

The hygentist looked at his teeth and then cleaned them (or tickled them, as she told him). He was so good for her!

Actually, he was so good, that they decided go ahead and take his first x-rays. I had to walk out when she did the x-rays, but he did great! She just did the top and bottom front teeth because she didn't want to push her luck, but she said that most two year olds are reluctant to have their teeth looked at or cleaned, much less x-rayed!

After the x-rays, the dentist came in and counted his teeth and checked everything. Then, she put flouride on them. He was so good for everything and I was so proud of him! He is getting to be so big! And, he is so brave!

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Play Time!

Playing cars and trucks...

Pretending to play the drums...

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The Track

We went to Destin last a week or so ago with Sunshine, Granddaddy and Ree. We had a great time! But, I think Connor's two favorite things were going to Destin Commons (every night) to ride the train and play on the playground and going to The Track! I did not get any pictures at Destin Commons, but my mom did, so I'll have to get them from her. But, here are some pictures from The Track. Connor loved the Bumper Boats and the train the most!

And, Connor was able to play his first game of Skee Ball! He loved it!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Playing Ball with The Boys

Mills, Andrew, and Davis were so good at including Connor in their backyard ball games. And, he loved it!

He almost hit a homerun...the ball was about 6 inches short of going over my parents 6 foot tall fence. Then, he almost hit Uncle Dusty in the head with a line drive. And, he hit a line drive right at Mills and hit him in the chest! He may not be invited to anymore backyard baseball games!

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Yearly Picture

July 2008 - 6 months old

July 2009 - 18 months old

July 2010 - 30 months old
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Playing in the Water

What started off as Connor helping Granddaddy water the flowers, ended up like this...

These are some of my new favorite pictures!
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We visited Sunshine and Granddaddy's house last week so that we could spend some time with Jane Anne's boys while they were in town for basketball camp. One of Connor's favorite things was riding their scooter!

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We spent a morning shopping and playing in Madison, Georgia with Sunshine, Granddaddy, and Mackenzie!

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Fourth of July

I'm so behind in blogging!

We spent the Fourth of July in Atlanta with Sunshine and Granddaddy. We stayed in a hotel next to Lenox Mall and watched the fireworks at Lenox. The fireworks were great! But, we were as close as you could possibly get to the launching of the fireworks. Ash was falling on us! And, we learned that sitting that close is not the best idea with a two year old! But, we also learned that we have one VERY brave little boy! He was definitely scared during the fireworks because they were so loud, but he did not cry or fuss. He was just glad that they ended! He sat in Jeremy lap, then my lap, then back to Jeremy's lap and we covered his ears and he closed his eyes, but he would open them to peek out occassionally. We would say, "Look at the red!" or "Look, green fireworks!" and he would open his eyes quickly to see and then close them again. It was really cute! Next year, we will sit a little further away from the fireworks. I have never been so close to the launch site and for Connor's sake, we won't do that again! But, the weekend was lots of fun!

This is Connor's favorite thing at Lenox! There is a statue of a dog on top of a table in the middle of the mall and Connor would have spent all day at that dog! He loved it!
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