Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That!

December has been busy and fun!  Here are a few pictures of this and that!

We went to "Lights of the South" one night last week.  It is definitely not "Fantasy in Lights," but it was a fun experience with the kids.  We took a hayride through the lights and then went to play in the kid's play area.  It was dark and hard to get good pictures, but here are a couple.

The first weekend of December, the boys and I headed to Birmingham to visit Lee, Harper, and Evie while the guys went to Las Vegas.  These four kids had the BEST time together.  They love to play together.  We were sad to go home, but it was easier knowing that we would see each other again soon at Christmas! 

They had a great time decorating Christmas cookies!

Connor wanted me to take a picture of him with some of his bears!

Kyle is so silly!


Last month, Great-Granddaddy passed away.  We had to explain death and heaven to Connor, which is a difficult concept for a three year old.  We told him that Great-Granddaddy had gotten really, really, really, really old and that he was really, really, really sick.  Since he was so sick God decided it was time for him to go live in Heaven with Jesus and God, so God sent his angels to get Great-Granddaddy.  We tried to explain that we would not see Great-Granddaddy again on Earth.  When we explained all of this and went to Atlanta for the funeral, he did not have many questions.  However, in the weeks since, he has occassionally brought it up.  One night last week, I was putting him to bed, which is rare since Jeremy usually puts him to bed, and he asked me, "Mommy, will Great-Granddaddy get any presents in Heaven?"  Oh goodness...what a sweet boy!  He was concerned that Great-Granddaddy would not have any presents for Christmas.  So, at first, I tried to explain that in Heaven you have everything you need so you do not need presents, but that was lost on my three year old.  So, Connor and I finally decided God probably does give presents in Heaven for Christmas.  During this discussion, he said something about "when the angels bring Great-Granddaddy back...".  So, we talked again about not seeing Great-Granddaddy on Earth again and he got teary and said, "But, you said that Gigi misses him."  The sweet boy was concerned that Gigi was missing Great-Granddaddy, so he thought the angels would bring him back to Earth.  On Thanksgiving morning, we were heading to Atlanta and someone said something about Gigi and Great-Granddaddy out of habit and he immediately responded with "Great-Granddaddy won't be there. He chose to go live in Heaven with Jesus."  He doesn't realize how correct he is in that statement.  He did not choose the day and time, but he did choose to go to Heaven the day he chose to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior! 
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Precious!! Such good looking little guys!