Thursday, February 23, 2012


Connor is having surgery next Tuesday, Feb. 28th.  This is the eye surgery to adjust his head turn that is associated with his nystagmus.  It will not change the nystagmus, but it will help him so that he does not have to turn his head to the left as much to see straight ahead.  His surgery is at 8:30 a.m. and we should be home by early afternoon.  Other than red eyes for a couple of weeks, the recovery should be fast.  But, we still ask that you please keep him in your prayers.  Pray for minimal pain, fast healing, and a successful surgery. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Adventures Have We Had?

The past three weeks have been filled up with illness of one kind or another for our entire family.  Three weeks ago, my mom was spending the day in bed sick.  At the time, we didn't know how serious it was, we just knew she did not feel well that day.  On Sunday, my dad and aunt took her to the hospital, where she would end up spending the next 10 nights.  When they admitted her, they did not know what was wrong, but she was disoriented, confused, and mostly out of it.  I headed to LaGrange on Monday morning and my wonderful Mother-in-Law headed here to help Jeremy with the boys.  On Monday afternoon, we found out that she had meningitis.  It is amazing how a little bacteria can affect every ounce of a person's body.  She is home now, continuing to recover and we are so thankful to God that she is healing!

While I was in LaGrange, Jeremy called me one afternoon and said that Kyle had a fever and that he was taking him to the after-hour's clinic.  Kyle ended up having RSV.  Connor already had a cough, but overall, he did not feel bad. I did keep him out of school that week, though, and Mimi and Jeremy had two sick little boys.  Definitely, not fun!

Then, on Thursday mornning in LaGrange, I woke up with a scratchy throat and could tell that I was coming down with a cold.  Since Kyle had a virus, Connor had a cough, and Jeremy had just gotten over a cold, I figured I was coming down with something and did not want to pass on my possible virus to my mom or dad or aunt at the hospital.  So, I headed back home with my mom in good hands.  I hated to leave before my mom "turned the corner" towards recovery, but I did not want her to get a cold on top of the meningitis.  I figured that even though she was on antibiotics for the meningitis, they wouldn't help with a normal cold virus. 

I ended up having a cold for the past two weeks, one of the worst ones that I have had in years.  And, Jeremy ended up getting it (again)!

Then, on the Monday after I came home, I took Connor to his four year check up.  Kyle had not slept well the night before (which is unusual for him), so I took him with me to be checked.  Turns out he had a double ear infection and one ear had a blister in it from the infection.  Poor baby!

Yesterday, we met some friends at the park and had a picnic.  Connor was running up some stairs to head to the slide and fell and hit his teeth.  He basically did the same thing one year ago and the Dentist said that he had caused a "concussion to his teeth."  I think he has done the same thing this time.  He did not eat or drink at all the rest of yesterday.  He could barely swallow his own saliva because he said it hurt.  But, he finally started eating some today.  He cannot bite with his front teeth, but he can eat small pieces of things.  The gum above his top teeth looks terrible.  It is black from the blood that I guess is under the gum.  I know it is painful!  Poor baby!

But, after weeks of illness around here, thankfully, I believe we are all getting well!

This coming week, we have a recheck for Kyle's ears and Connor's pre-op appointment for his eye surgery that is scheduled for February 28th.  He's having eye surgery to center his "null point" that he has from his nystagmus.  The null point is the place where he turns his head slightly to the left to see the best when looking straight ahead.  The doctor will adjust the muscles to move it to the center.  Then, the next week, Connor is supposed to have a dentist appointment, but I don't think he will be up to having his teeth cleaned after his incident yesterday, so I will probably cancel it.  We may end up getting his teeth checked out this week anyway, but not cleaned.  Then, on Tuesday, the 28th, he will have his surgery.  Please keep him in your prayers.

And, now that I have explained our past few weeks, here are some pictures from the past few weeks to make you smile!