Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This morning connor was excited to head back to school.  He missed last week because of the surgery, so he sounded excited to go back today.  He had no problem heading into school, but as soon as we got to his door, he flipped out, just like he has been doing at church. Luckily, he has a great teacher!  She told me to just go on since I was volunteering in the classroom next door for an hour and that she would let me know how he did.  She had to close the classroom door to keep him from leaving, but a little while later she told me that he was doing great.  He stood by the door for awhile and then went ahead and started to play with his friends.  When I peeked in on him at 10, he was having a good time.  When I went to pick him up, he wasn't ready! 

But, he has told me that he doesn't want to go to church tonight for me to workout.  I NEED to workout!  And, I don't want to "give-in" to him and let him have what he wants.  So, I think we're going to try...again.  Pray for him.  Pray for me!

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Lauren said...

Oh Kasey!! I hate this!! Both of mine had the separation anxiety thing (Brookes still does to some degree). We are working on the fit pitching with Harper when she doesn't get her way. Anytime I tell her it's nap time, bedtime, time to go to the potty, etc. she just launches into crying and protesting. Yesterday I really clamped down and told her she would have no warning if she started the fussing. I just snatched her up no matter what we were doing and sat her in her room (with her screaming and going limp). Anyway, after about three times of this is a row, I am seeing a little change. But I know he is doing this out in public. Hang in there!!