Sunday, April 29, 2012

Connor's Memory

I am amazed by Connor's memory.

Tonight, Connor said, "Mommy do you remember when you were big and fat and couldn't ride on the space shuttle at the park?"

That was almost 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Kyle and Connor was only 2 1/2!

A few weeks ago he mentioned going back to the place that we bought his Thomas the Train jibbitz for his crocs.   He wanted to go back to that place and get another and then he proceeded to tell me why we were there and who we were with (we were at Lenox Mall at the Crocs kiosk waiting in line to ride the Pink Pig with Mills and Andrew and Davis).  He was remembering something from about 16 months prior. 

But, this newest memory is much older than that. It is from the summer before Kyle was born, so about 22 months ago!

It is amazing to me that he can remmber things from when he was 2 years old!


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