Monday, June 11, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment

Tonight I was in the bonus room (off of our breakfast room) with Kyle and Jeremy and Connor were in the den.  Kyle started getting into something that he wasn't supposed to be touching so I picked him up and tickled him and started saying, "What am I going to do with you?  I'm going to throw you away!"  I headed toward the kitchen and he was laughing so I opened the trash and kept saying, "Should I throw you in the trash!?"  I was just being silly with him and he was just laughing, but Connor heard all of this from the den and came running yelling, "No, don't throw him away! No, Mommy! Don't!" 

He was genuinely concerned that I was going to throw Kyle away!  So, I let him know that I was just playing around with Kyle and being funny.  Then, I asked him why I couldn't throw Kyle away and he said, "Because he's my only baby and I want my baby here with me!"  So, I took it a little further to see what he would say and I asked him if I could throw him away if we had another baby and he said, "No!  I want all of my babies to be here with me."  So, after all of that, I reminded him that I had just been joking with Kyle and that Mommy and Daddy would NEVER really throw one of them away and that they would always have us and we would love them forever. 

But, it was such a Proud Mommy Moment because Connor was so concerned for Kyle and so protective over him.  He showed me how much he loves Kyle!  They give each other kisses and hugs, especially at bedtime, but they don't express their feelings most of the time (they are four and one and BOYS, so I'm not surprised by this!), so to hear his concern showed me that Connor truly does love Kyle and wants to protect him and wouldn't be happy without him!

I love those two boys so much!

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