Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope that you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Unfortunately, Kyle is sick with a fever, so we are not going to get to do anything fun today.  We played outside in the garage this morning, but, for the most part, our day will be spent hanging out at home.  Kyle plays well as long a he has had motrin recently, but as it wears off, you can tell he doesnt feel great.  Hand Foot and Mouth virus has been going around our area lately and a fever is the first sign and then a few days later sores in the mouth and a rash develop.  I am praying that Kyle does not have Hand Food and Mouth.  And, I am praying that Connor does not get whatever Kyle has.

These two pictures were taken last weekend at the park at a birthday party.  

Happy 4th!

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