Saturday, August 25, 2012

Old McDonald Had a Farm...E, I, E, I, O!

Last night, Jeremy, the boys, my parents, and I went to Old McDonald's Farm!  Actually, we went to Old McDonald's Fish Camp.  I had heard about this restaurant for year, but we had never been.  It is in South Carolina and is about 25 minutes from our house (well, longer if you get lost, like I did!).  But, it was worth the drive!  The food was really good, but the main attraction for the kids were the animals.  There were goats and chickens and roosters and ducks and goats and peacocks!  It was great!  Kyle did not want to leave at all!


Connor and Kyle LOVE their friends Austin and Anna Liz.  Austin is 3 months older than Connor and is in his class at school.  Anna Liz is 2 weeks older than Kyle and they are good buddies, too!  But, it is impossible to get a picture of the four of them!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Braves Game

Last month, Jeremy, Connor, Andrew and Davis (my cousin Jane Anne's twins) went to a Braves Game.  Andrew and Davis were staying with their grandparents (my aunt and uncle - Nonnie and Uncle Dusty) while their older brother, Mills, played in a baseball tournament in Cooperstown, NY.  My parents drove them to Atlanta to meet us.  We got A & D and my parents got Kyle and we headed to the ball game.  Connor has been to more Braves games than Jeremy and I have over the last several years.  He loves going.  He watches for a little while, but he loves to "run the bases" at the top of the stadium and play wiffle ball in the kids area.  And, A & D loved being there with him!  They are great cousins and do so well with Connor! 

For weeks leading up to this game, we told Connor that he would be going to the game with us and that Kyle would go on to LG with Sunshine and Granddaddy.  Everytime we said it, Connor would say that Kyle was going to go, too.  And, we would explain that Kyle was going to go to LG and we were going to have some special time with just Connor. He did NOT like that Kyle was not going to go.  Even at the game, I said something like "Isn't this so much fun to be at the game with Mommy and Daddy?"  And, he responded that it was fun, but he was sad that Kyle wasn't with us! 
I LOVE that he loves Kyle so much.  Connor is not always the most affectionate persona, but he made it so clear that he was not happy that Kyle was being left out!


Tonight was Connor's first soccer game of 2012.  He is doing much better than last year and is really enjoying it!  In the game tonight, he actually kicked the ball a few times...probably more times than he touched it all of last season in games!  He still has to learn to be more aggressive, but he's running around and in the middle of the pack this year instead of falling behind like last year.  And, he knows to go for the ball.  It is improvement!
Warming up...


Kyle wanted to play, tooo...


Like, I said, Kyle wanted to play, too!   This is Jeremy getting Kyle off the middle of the field during the game.

See he is near the ball!  (He's the one int he green shirt on the left).

Monday, August 20, 2012


Kyle found a cat hanging out on our back deck this morning and loved looking at it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Friday night after dinner, Jeremy had to cut the grass, so I decided to take the boys out for yogurt.  Before we left the house, I asked Connor to put his shoes on and to look in the shoe basket for Kyle's shoes.  He didn't bring them to me, so I assumed that they were in the car (where they often are left).  So, the boys and I loaded up and headed to the yogurt place.  When I went to get Kyle out, I realized that his shoes were not in the car!  Oops!  Oh well, a barefoot baby is so cute!

After yogurt, the weather was really nice, so I told the boys we would go to the park for a little while.  We had to stop by the house to get shoes and then we were off to the park (I am so thankful that we live so close to EVERYTHING!).  When we got there, we decided to take a walk to the giant rocks that are on the far side of the park.  They love to play around and on these rocks.  I have to watch Kyle carefully or he will be climbing on the tallest rocks and jumping off! 

I took my camera with me to practice taking more pictures.  When I bought my DSLR camera, I did not want to shoot on Automatic.  I wanted to really learn how to use my camera, so I have used Auto mode only a handful of times.   Mostly, I have been shooting on Aperture Priority, which is a semi-manual mode, but not full manual.  But, I've done a lot of internet research and blog reading to learn more about using my camera and I'm determined to learn how to shoot on full manual mode eventually.  So, Friday night was a good chance practice.  I do not have good editing software (and wouldn't know what to do with it if I did), so these are pretty much straight out of camera with the exception of a little cropping on a few.

Our Little Man is sick tonight, so say a prayer for him.  When we got to lunch after church, he did not want to eat and I felt him and realized that he had a fever.  We got home and he had about a 103 degree fever.  We gave him motrin and he napped and played okay all day, but he did not want dinner and only ate a little bit of a popsicle.  He even declined a we know he feels bad!  His fever was down for awhile today, but it was back up by bedtime.  He and I will be heading to the doctor in the morning.  I hope that he sleeps okay tonight and I will probably give him some more medicine before I go to bed.  Please pray that he feels better fast. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Remind me to NEVER trust my four year old with scissors during rest time.

Connor has to send in a "Me Bag" to school tomorrow with photos and/or pictures from magazines that represent him.  I had some photos printed out, but he wanted to find some pictures himself.  So, I gave him a magazine and told him that he could cut some pictures out of things he liked and we would pick a few to put into his bag.

He has been using scissors for awhile now and is good with them.  And, I have reminded him OVER and OVER again that he can ONLY cut paper.  I have always had a fear that he would try to cut his hair or Kyle's hair or even his clothes, so I've always reminded him to only cut paper. 

Well, today, he forgot.

Thankfully, he did not cut his hair...or Kyle's hair...or his clothes.  Thankfully!

But, he did cut the mesh part of his bed rail.  There were little mesh pieces all over the floor!  And, a giant hole in the part of the rail that is supposed to keep him from falling on the floor.

I had considerered removing the rail anyway soon, but planned to use it for Kyle one day.  Now, it is in the trash.  Oh well.  It could have been worse. But, for now, the scissors are safely put away and will only be available under strict parental supervision! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Nice Morning

The boys and I spent some time at the playground this morning.  The weather was a little cooler with a slight breeze, so it was perfect for playing on the playground.  And, of course, they had a great time!


Connor's first soccer practice was yesterday and he LOVED it!  It was a completely different experience from last year.  He was involved and aggressive.  He knew to go after the ball and to get in the middle of the other kids trying to get the ball.  He absolutely loved it!  And, he asked us today when his next practice would be because he was excited to go back.  I hope his enthusiasm continues all season.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day of School

Today was Connor's first day of 4K Preschool.  He is going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 1.  Last year, we could either drop him off and he could walk in on his own, but he rarely ever did. This year, I told him that I would walk him in the first couple of days and after that, he would have to walk in on is own.  But, today, he did not want me to walk him in the school.  I even asked if I could drop him off and then follow him to make sure he made it to his class okay, but he didn't want me to do that either!  So, I dropped him off and parked where I could see him go in to make sure he got to the right door.  I figured if he did go to the wrong room, it would be his previous classroom and Mrs. Head would direct him where to go.  But, he did great! 
Last year, I had to go in the classroom to pick him up from school, which was always difficult because Kyle wanted to play with all of the toys in the class.  This year, he gets to go through the car rider line to be picked up.  This works better with Kyle, but it makes me miss out on getting to know the other parents.  Last year, I could talk to the other parents in the hall or on the playground if we let our kids play after school, but since drop off and pick up will be done outside, I will miss out on not seeing the other parents.  However, this process is much better for Kyle since I won't have to drag him out of school kicking and screaming on a daily basis!

So, how was his day?  GREAT!  He was so excited about school when I picked him up.  I asked him what his favorite thing was today and he said "EVERYTHING!"  He really seemed to have a great day and was really happy with his new friends and new teacher, Mrs. Rich.  I hope the rest of the year is just as great as today!

Note: Connor had his hat on as soon as he got out of bed this morning!  He loves that thing!  But, I told him that he would have to take it off as soon as we got to school because he could not wear it in school.  Puppy Dog couldn't go to school with him either.

While Connor was at school, I took Kyle to Chick-fil-a for breakfast and to play on the playground.  Then, we headed to Old Navy.  As we got back home, I decided to turn around and take Kyle to the park for a little more playground time.  He had a blast!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach 2012

We just got back from a FABULOUS trip to Destin with Jeremy's family.  We had so much fun with Mimi, Bobbles, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Lee, Harper, Evie, Millie, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Abby!  Connor and Kyle both LOVED the beach and the ocean.  They had such a great time playing in the ocean this year and as always, they LOVED playing with their cousins.  Connor, Harper, and Evie always have a great time together.  Kyle was obsessed with Evie.  He was constantly saying, "Eh-bee, Eh-bee, Eh-bee" to get her attention.  He loved her so much!  He also loved Millie.  He loved to touch her hair and her feet.  I think he love having someone smaller than him around!  The cousins had so much fun together and wore each other out each day!  Next summer, Millie will be right in the middle of the pack with the other four!

Millie is such a great baby!  She slept all the time and still slept great at night.  But, Lee may struggle with her next week because she was held constantly all week!  She is just so one wanted to put her down!

Connor told me over and over again that he was NOT going to go into the ocean.  He even told me as soon as we got to the beach on the first day that he was not going into the ocean all week.  Then, five minutes later, he said he wanted to put his toes in the water.  He slowly got further and further into te ocean and loved it.  He would stay out in the ocean with his Daddy for as long as he could each day.  He loved it!

I have very few really good pictures of Kyle because he was always on the go!  He loved the ocean as much as Connor.  He would see boats and jet skis in the ocean and kept asking to ride them!

These four had so much fun together!

On the last day, they dug a huge hole!

Harper just turned seven.  She is turning into such a beautiful girl!  She is no longer a baby or preschooler.  She is so grown up and so beautiful!

And, Evie is another beauty!  She is so cute and sweet and she says the funniest things!  One day, Kyle kept going up to her saying, "Eh-bee, Eh-bee, Eh-bee" and she came over to me and said, "Kyle will not leave me alone.  I am trying to relax and he will not leave me alone."  Another day, she told Jeremy that she couldn't get any work done because Kyle kept saying, "Eh-bee, Eh-bee, Eh-bee."

Three Sisters!

We had so much fun and hated to leave the beach, but the boys sure were glad to get home after two days of travelling (we stopped in LG for a night).  They were glad to see their rooms and their toys!

Tomorrow is Connor's Meet the Teacher Day and then he starts school on Wednesday!  He will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  One of his best friends is in his class, but he will be able to meet some new friends and he will have a new teacher this year.  I'll post a first day of school picture next week!