Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photos at the River

We took a walk today and I got to take a bunch of pictures of the boys to practice shooting in manual.  I really like how some of these turned out.  I'm still working on editing and skin tone and I keep over-exposing, especially pictures of Kyle for some reason, but I really like some of these pictures!  I definitely plan to print some out for frames!


Friday, January 18, 2013

The Last Warm Day

So, the boys and I headed to Arizona just as the warm weather hit Georgia and just as Arizona was dipping into record cold temperatures!  It was the coldest streak Phoenix has had in 20 years!
But, we made it back in time for a couple of warm days before the rain and cold took over in Georgia and we enjoyed a couple of days at the park.



Last week, the boys and I had an adventure!  We flew to Arizona!  And, surprisingly, I would do it again!  Both boys proved to be amazing airline passengers.  We flew out last Tuesday.  Ann/Mimi flew with us from Atlanta.  She sat with Connor and I sat with Kyle.  The boys were so good.  They've both flown before, but Connor was only 3 and Kyle was only 6 months old last time.  I wasn't sure how a two year old Kyle would do, but he did great.  Connor has always done great flying and he did not disappoing one bit.  Kyle got a little bit restless at one point, but then we hit a little bit of turbulance and he got very still.  Once he was still, he fell asleep and slept the last hour of the flight.  He didn't wake up until the last of the passengers exited the plane and I had to get him up!
I had to go out to Arizona for two days of work and Ann kept the boys for me both days.  Then, we had a couple of days of play before we had to head back.

We were able to go to the Phoenix Children's Museum on Friday.  It is one of my favorite places to take the boys! 

We also went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  We've done this on each of the trips we've made to Arizona and it was another fun experience.

And, we went to RawHide to check out the cowboys!

Kyle's favorite part was the petting zoo.  He loved visiting with the peacock, pigs, sheep, donkey, pony, and chickens!  He was not one bit afraid.  All of the petting zoo's that we've done in the past have the animals inside a fence and the child puts their hand through the fence. This petting zoo was upclose and personal!  We went into the pen with the animals!  But, it didn't phase Kyle one bit.  He loved it!

We flew back on Sunday.  Mimi stayed in Arizona, so the boys were stuck with me for the flight home.  I was a little nervous about how Kyle would do, but again, he proved to be a great passenger!  I was so proud of both boys!

Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles for a fabulous trip!
We're glad to be home for a few weeks after so many trips over the past six weeks!  We're home the rest of January and for most of February!