Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Little of This...A Little of That!

We are spending as much time as we can at the pool this summer.  We joined a nearby neighborhood pool with our good friends, The Harpers, this summer.  Connor did not enjoy swimming lessons last summer...actually, I think that they went so poorly that they set him back instead of helping him at all.  So, we decided that we would join a pool this summer so that we would be able to go a lot and get him comfortable in the pool before even trying lessons again.  We are so glad we did!  We are really enjoying our time at the pool. 
We have a puddle jumper for Kyle and from day one he has loved swimming all over the pool by himself with the puddle jumper on him.  He is really comfortable in the water.  Someone suggested trying the inflatable swimmies that go on the child's arms and then deflating them slightly over time to make him work harder and harder and get comfortable swimming.  We may try that soon. 
Connor had such a poor experience last summer that he was very nervous about the pool.  We have a life jacket for him, but he would not trust that the life jacket would hold him up for the first several times that we visited the pool.  He wanted to sit on the side or stand on the ledge on the side of the pool or be held by me (or Jeremy when he was with us).  Finally, about a week ago, he realized that he really could trust the life jacket to keep him up and that he could swim around with it on just fine.  Now, he is having a blast and never wants to get out of the pool!  He's not ready to try swimming without the life jacket, but he is so much more comfortable in the water now. 
I plan to do swimming lessons next summer for both of them as well as join the pool, but just being at the pool on a regular basis this summer is making a huge difference for them.
We have taken a picnic lunch (or dinner) a few times and Jeremy was able to meet us there during his lunch hour on Thursday.  The pool is such a great place to enjoy lunch!

Here are a few pictures from the kiddie pool during the lifeguard break the other day.  During the lifeguard break once a hour for ten minutes, the kids have to get out of the pool, but they can go in the kiddie pool.  Since I'm in the pool with them in the big pool, I don't have a chance to photograph them there, but I took a few in the little pool.  However, the lighting was so bad, nothing much turned out well.  Oh well...I'll try again another day.

Here's a random picture of Kyle putting "firemen" on his fire truck. 
We had our friend Annette and her girls over for dinner last night.  Annette's husband is deployed right now. 
The kids played outside, but I didn't get any of my kids.  Here are a few of her beautiful girls!  Girl #3 is due in October!  The pictures are not the best for sure...everyone was too busy playing, sliding, running, digging, and swinging to let this crazy mom take pictures!

 This morning, the boys spent time painting in the kitchen.

And, for lunch today, we headed to Cracker Barrel!  Of course, they had to play with the checkers outside.  They were supposed to try to play a game of checkers, but Kyle just wanted to stack them up.  So, they made a tall tower!

We have had a great week!  Nothing too exciting, but fun nonetheless!  Hope you're having a great week, too!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Few More Days at the Original White House

As I said in the last post, we visited Huntsville last week.  We were visiting my in-laws (hence, "The Original White House"). 
Kyle had fun making pancakes with Bobbles one morning.

And, we headed to Sci-Quest, the children's science museum in Hunstville.  The boys had a blast there!

And, Mimi and Bobbles enjoyed the fun, too!

There were a couple of times that I was watching the boys do something and I'd look over and Mimi and Bobbles were off checking out all of the other exhibits on their own!
I think they really enjoyed watching Connor and Kyle enjoy themselves, but in this picture I think they are getting as big of a kick out of the "Fart Machine" as Connor did!
Bobbles had to head back to Arizona on Tuesday evening, but the rest of us headed out for yogurt after dinner on Tuesday night.

Silly faces!
On Wednesday, we did a little shopping at one mall and then went back to Bridge Street to ride the train and eat dinner. 
While waiting for the train, a nice lady volunteered to take our picture.  Unfortunately, the boys did not cooperate well!  Oh well!
On Thursday, Ann drove the boys and me to Atlanta where our car was waiting on us at Gigi's house and we headed on home. 
Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles, for a wonderful time in Huntsville!  We had a great time and the boys can't wait to come back!  We love you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Week

The boys and I are spending a few days with my in-laws (Mimi and Bobbles, aka Bob and Ann).  We are having a fabulous time!  Monday was spent at Bridge Street, an outdoor shopping are in Huntsville.  We went there to go to lunch at one restaurant and to ride the carousel.  Well, we got there and the carousel was closed.  But, the kids were okay about it and we headed to Barnes and Noble to buy a couple of books (Thank you, Mimi!).  On the way, we passed by a restaurant and we told Connor to read the name of it.  He realized that the name of the restaurant is "Connors"!  So, he started saying that he wanted to go to lunch at "Connors".  So, we did!  He ate great and has been saying over and over that he wants to go to every meal at "Connors", but we told him he'd have to wait until next time.  :)  After lunch, we were going to ride the train, but we realized that it looked like it might rain and we had already promised the kids that they could have ice cream for dessert, so we headed to the ice cream place.  While eating outside, the wind picked up and a storm came quickly!  We ended up huddled under an overhang at a store for a little while, but it was fun!
Today was spent at Sci-Quest, the Huntsville children's science museum.  I had never heard of it until last week, but we decided to try it out.  It was a lot of fun!  The kids and adults enjoyed it!  Well, we enjoyed it until the very end when Kyle somehow busted his lip!  He really sliced it and it is yucky and swollen, but he got over it quickly and it hasn't seemed to bother him even though it looks like it would hurt a lot.  I have pictures from today, but I have not put them on the computer yet, so I'll do that post another day.
The boys LOVE playing in Mimi and Bobbles "playroom" (it is really just an office off of their bedroom that is turned into a playroom whenever the grandkids are in town).  They love the old Micro-Machine cars and cities that were Kevin, Jeremy, and Andy's when they were kids.  They could just sit there and play all day and be perfectly happy if we let them. 

I love this picture!

I know this one is overexposed, but I love it!  Happy boys and happy grandparents!

McWane Children's Museum

Saturday was so much fun celebrating Harper, Evie, and Millie's birthdays.  The kids slept great (Kyle fell asleep on the way to the hotel and never woke up again until the next morning!) and could not wait to get back together with H, E, and M on Sunday.  We met everyone for a Father's Day lunch at Brio in Brookwood Village (YUM!) and then headed out on our separate adventures.

The guys (Bob, Kevin, and Jeremy) were going to work Kevin's garage door that needed to be repaired, so Ann, Lee, and I took the kids to the McWane Children's Science Museum.  After a little while, the guys came by to pick Millie up so that she could take a nap and that left us with the four older kids.  They had a great time!  This place is HUGE with so many different activities for the kids.  We didn't even make it to the top floor of the museum before we had to leave and they hated to leave when it was time to go!  We'll have to make another trip back to Birmingham soon!
Looking at the fish...

Bed of nails...

Wow!  Isn't she beautiful!?

I love this picture because of the reflection...

Even the adults got caught up in the fun!


This was one of their favorite areas!  I believe this is Harper and Evie's faces.

Handprints of all four kids.

Future archeologists digging for bones!

This area was perfect for Connor because he is slightly OBSESSED with dinosaurs right now!

And, the big three loved the hurricane wind tunnel.  Kyle didn't want anything to do with it!

It was such a fun day for everyone!  It was great to watch the kids explore everything and enjoy being together.  We cannot wait to see everyone again at the beach next month.  These five cousins have such an amazing time together (and the adults sure do enjoy ourselves, too)!  They love each other so much.  And, they just love being together.  I cannot wait for our next get together...especially since we'll all be at our favorite place...the BEACH! 
Kevin and Lee, thank you for a wonderful weekend in Birmingham!  As I've said so many times, I wish we lived closer!  We miss you guys so much and cannot wait to see you again!  We love you!