Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Party

Connor's friend Garrett had a birthday party at Reed Creek Park yesterday.  This was such a perfect party for little boys!  The guide started off by showing the kids some lizards and turtles that were in aquariums inside.  They were able to feed the turtles and hold the lizard.  After the intro, everyone headed outside for a little hike.  The guide took the kids on a scavenger hunt to look for things like bugs, fallen trees, pinecones, leaves, spider webs, fish and other outdoor things!  They were to mark off each item on the picture list that he passed out.  After the exploration, they each received a "net" to catch fish, tadpoles, and other creek creatures.  They all wore boots so that they could get as muddy as they wanted!  Connor and Kyle loved it so much!

Kyle is watching the lizard closely!  And, you can see the lizard looking back at him!

Let's hike!

Comparing their lists.

Kyle was so proud of his clipboard and list!

So cute!

The Creek!


Connor, Austin, and Garrett.

Kyle really enjoyed looking at all of the displays inside.  He studied every little thing inside of them!

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