Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silly, Sweet Kyle

The song "Oh, Susanna" is on a children's CD that we've been listening to in the car lately.  The songs says, "Oh! Susanna, Oh don't you cry for me, for I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee."  Kyle almost always says, "Mimi lives in Alabama!"  Sorry, Bobbles...our kids do not believe that you live in Alabama, but if they hear Arizona anywhere, they say that Bobbles lives there!  Mimi, though, lives in Alabama and the house in Huntsville is Mimi's house, not Bobbles.  :)
This morning, we babysat for a friend's little girl.  She is 19 months old.  I explained to the boys before she came that she is little and not as rough as them, so they would have to be careful around her and help me watch her.  Well, Connor was a great helper with everything and took pride in being a helper.  Kyle, though, thought that he was in charge of her.  He thought that he was the babysitter!  Every time he saw her get near the stairs, he would jump on the steps and say, "No, No!  Get down, Guy!"  Yes, he kept calling her "Guy".  If I asked him what her name was, he would say Brenna (which was her name), but when he talked to her, he called her Guy!  I kept telling him that she is not a boy, so he should at least call her Girl, but he seemed to like to call her Guy.  Silly boy.
Both of the boys are really into telling jokes lately.  Connor's jokes are usually bad and don't make much sense, but Kyle's are just off the wall.  But, he laughs and laughs at himself like he is the best stand up comic around!  I have a feeling he is going to be the class clown one day.  We'll see!
He is so proud of his new lunchbox.  He is going to go to Mother's Day Out one day a week starting next month.  He is so excited to go to "school" like Connor.  I'm afraid he's going to be really upset when he realizes that it is only one day that he gets to go, but that Connor will go five days.  Earlier this week, we went to Target to buy Connor's Kindergarten school supplies.  :(  So, we bought both of them  new lunch boxes.  Kyle has been so proud of his.  He has told everyone about it and keeps asking me if he can take it with him now.  So cute!
At night, when we read and pray before bed, we read and pray in Connor's bed with Connor and Daddy and then I take him to his room to sing him a couple of songs.  After we pray in Connor's room, he is supposed to hug and kiss Daddy and Connor and tell them good night.  Lately, he thinks he is so funny and he kisses Jeremy's knee before giving him a hug!  Then, he wants to kiss Connor's knee and they spend the next two minutes wrestling in the bed!  Kyle loves Connor so much and LOVES to make him laugh!  And, I absolutely LOVE watching them laugh together!
Kyle has become such a "Mama's Boy".  He has always been much more attached to me than Connor ever has been, but lately, it has been worse.  He does great if I'm not around, but if he knows that I'm in the house, he wants me to do everything for him...change his diaper, carry him up the stairs (he can walk himself), put his pajamas on him at night, put him to bed, brush his teeth, etc.  I constantly hear, "Mommy, Mommy do it!"  I'll take it though.  I love that he is so attached to me!
Connor has recently started calling me "Mom" and Jeremy "Dad" sometimes.  He still says "Mommy" and "Daddy" most of the time, but more and more, I am hearing Mom and Dad.  I HATE IT!  It makes him sound so grown up and I don't want him to grow up!  But, what has made it so much worse is that Kyle has picked up on it and has started to do it, too.  He doesn't even think about it. It just comes out as "Mom" sometimes.  I keep saying, "Who's that?  There's no Mom around here.  I'm Mommy!"  I want to be Mommy a little bit longer, especially for Kyle, but definitely for both of them.  They are only two and five!  Stop growing up!
Connor always has amazed me with his memory and now Kyle is starting to say things that surprise me.  Last week, we were keeping Austin and Anna Liz for a little while and the boys pulled out an airplane.  Connor said to Austin, "That's the airplane you gave me for my birthday."  I wasn't surprised that Connor remembered that, but then Kyle said, "At Chick-fil-A!"  Kyle remembered that Austin had given Connor the airplane at Chick-fil-A for his birthday...6 1/2 months ago! 
Okay...I stop boring you with all my thoughts (if you've read this far!).  Kyle is just growing and learning so much lately and says some of the funniest things, so I wanted to document some of them for my benefit.  If you've read this far, I hope you've enjoyed!

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