Friday, August 30, 2013

Kitchen Renovation

This summer we decided that we needed to do a kitchen remodel.  Our kitchen had off white, ugly laminate counter tops and an old, 1985-ish, 27-inch drop-in stove.  We feel that to sell our house one day (not anytime soon), we would need to update these things.  We wanted to do a simple update by adding granite countertops, but we also needed to replace the stove.  Replacing the stove though was not simple because the cabinets around the stove only fit a 27 inch stove and there was not room to just make the space 30 inches with the existing cabinets.  So, the first step was having the lower cabinets around the stove rebuilt.  After that, we had the stove installed and then granite was added along with a new sink and faucet.  Then, last weekend, Jeremy and I tiled the backsplash.  We have also done little things like replace the hinges and knobs.  I have currently removed two of the cabinet doors to have doorless cabinets.  I really like the look, but if I leave it like this we will have to do some additional work.  The inside of the cabinets need to be stained and the outside needs some work because of the hinge marks.  We haven't decided if we will leave it like this or not yet.  What do you think?



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paint Party

Before heading to the river this morning (see previous post), Kyle pulled the watercolors out of the cabinet and said he wanted to paint.  So, I set him up with some water, paper and paint and he painted a "rocket ship".  He can't wait to show it to Daddy!

Future artist?

A Walk at the River

Kyle and I decided to enjoy some time outside on this beautiful morning today.  We headed to Savannah Rapids Park to take a leisurely walk around.  It was definitely not an exercise walk because we didn't walk very far or very fast at all.  I, or course, wanted to take pictures, and Kyle, of course, wanted to throw rocks, look at every worm and dead bug, and check out every crevice, bridge, rock, dock, and step.  So, it was a slow walk, but so much fun.  We really enjoyed the morning outside!

I don't know if this is a thoughtful face, or if he is just planning his next silly face!

So thankful for a beautiful day at the river!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Kyle is my little sidekick all the time now since Connor is in school 5 days a week (I'm still grieving over that!), so all of my photos lately seem to be of Kyle.  I tried to take some of Connor at soccer last week, but I didn't end up with much of anything blog-worthy.
So, every other picture on this post is of Kyle.
All four of us have had a bronchitis type cough sometime over the past month.  It started with Connor at the beach and he passed it along to the rest of us (as well as Mimi, Harper, Evie, Lee, and probably others).  Last week, I took Kyle to the doctor for his cough and he made faces for me while we waited on the doctor.  He loves making silly faces!

But, this sweet smile just gets me every time! 

We met up with some friends at the playground this morning for a little while and Kyle had a great time with his buddies.

This is Kyle and his buddy Harris.

We've spent a lot of time at the soccer field the past couple of weeks now that Connor has soccer practice or games twice a week.  Kyle is doing really well sitting and watching or playing with his ball behind our chairs.  He hasn't tried to go play on the field...yet!

I am so thankful for all the time that I get to spend with Kyle.  I really miss my mornings with Connor and realize just how fast Kyle will be in Kindergarten five days a week.  I want to enjoy this time and remember it all!  Thank you, Lord, for the chance to stay home with our boys and spend time with them every day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bike Ride

We headed over to the park this afternoon after naptime because it was finally NOT raining here!  After days of rainy weather, we were so glad to get outside.  We headed to Sonic first for a special ice cream treat that we took to the park.  After enjoying the afternoon dessert, Connor rode his bike around the park several times.  Kyle rode his tricycle, pushed his tricycle, ran, and walked.  After a couple of laps, Kyle was done, but Connor was not.  So, Jeremy and Connor headed back around while Kyle and I hung out for a little while.  In the end, everyone was sweaty, tired, and happy!  It was a fun afternoon!


While Kyle and I hung out, I took some silly face pictures of him!  Look how sweaty his hair is in these pictures!

And, finally, one cute smile!
Very soon after we got home, the bottom fell out and it poured and poured here.  So, I was even more glad for our couple of hours at the park!
Have a great week!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Yearly Beach Picture of the Cousins

As I walked by the refrigerator this morning, I looked at a picture of Harper, Connor, Evie, and Kyle from two summers ago and thought about how much they've all grown and changed, so I decided to post a "Remember When" blog of pictures of the kiddos from each of our beach trips over the last few years.
July 2013
Harper (8), Connor (5), Evie (5), Kyle (2), Millie (14 months)

July 2012
Harper (7), Connor (4), Evie (4), Kyle (21 months), Millie (2 months - not in picture)

June 2011
Harper (5), Connor (3), Evie (3), Kyle (8 months)

June 2010
Harper (4), Connor (2), Evie (2)

September 2009
Harper (4), Connor (20 months), Evie (16 months)

September 2008
Harper (3), Connor (8 months), Evie (4 months)
I love to see how these sweet cousins have grown and changed each year!