Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beach Pictures

Lee and I attempted to get pictures of the kids on the beach one night after dinner.  It went okay, but we went out too late, so it was getting dark too fast.  Millie was not happy with the sand and was just tired, so she is not thrilled to be in any of the pictures.  But, overall, I'm happy with what we got!
I took these first few under the carport of the house before we left for dinner.  I really love how this one turned out of the boys!

And, Connor was in a posing mood at this point...

As always, Harper and Evie and perfectly photogenic and beautiful!

Once we headed to the beach after dinner, the pictures were hit or miss.  Getting the kids to do what we asked and smile at the same time was almost impossible!  But, we got a few good shots.

I took DOZENS of pictures of all five kiddos, but this was the best one.  Millie wasn't happy, but she isn't screaming in it.  I love it!

Lee and her girls!

My boys!

Our Family!

Mimi and Bobbles with their five grandchildren!

You wouldn't believe the number of pictures of Kyle that look like this...

And, at this point, Connor was DONE posing!

"I have SAND one me!"

If you receive my Christmas card, there is a good chance that one or some of these will be included in it!  So, just pretend you haven't seen them before if I do use some of these!

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Anonymous said...

These are SO great!!!! And I wouldn't mind seeing them again at Christmas time!!!