Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bike Ride

We headed over to the park this afternoon after naptime because it was finally NOT raining here!  After days of rainy weather, we were so glad to get outside.  We headed to Sonic first for a special ice cream treat that we took to the park.  After enjoying the afternoon dessert, Connor rode his bike around the park several times.  Kyle rode his tricycle, pushed his tricycle, ran, and walked.  After a couple of laps, Kyle was done, but Connor was not.  So, Jeremy and Connor headed back around while Kyle and I hung out for a little while.  In the end, everyone was sweaty, tired, and happy!  It was a fun afternoon!


While Kyle and I hung out, I took some silly face pictures of him!  Look how sweaty his hair is in these pictures!

And, finally, one cute smile!
Very soon after we got home, the bottom fell out and it poured and poured here.  So, I was even more glad for our couple of hours at the park!
Have a great week!

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