Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Today was Connor's first day of Kindergarten and Kyle's first day of Mother's Day Out.
Yesterday was Open House at the school so they were able to check out their classrooms and meet their teachers.  Connor was super-excited to go to school after visiting yesterday, so I wasn't worried about him at all, but Kyle was very nervous and did not want to go.  He kept asking me to teach his class!
I walked Connor in since I was going to be walking Kyle in anyway and because Connor is in a different building than he was in last year.  He seemed a little nervous going into his class, but he had a great day and really liked his class and his teacher.  He has several friends from last year in his class, so I am sure he will have fun all year!
After dropping Connor off, I walked Kyle to his class and I expected the worst, but his teachers were great and immediately distracted him when I walked him in the room.  He did start to whimper when he saw me leave, but the teacher distracted him again and I think he did great.  He says he had fun all day.  I'm so glad!  He's only going to MDO one day a week, but I want him to enjoy it.
I tried to get pictures of the boys this morning, but for the most part, they would not cooperate (as always).  So, here's what I have for the first day of school 2013.

Getting a picture of both of them was impossible.  Oh well!

How do I have a Kindergartener!?  Connor should still be little...

Where have five and a half years gone?

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