Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun in LaGrange

On Saturday, when we left the beach, we had every intention of driving all the way back to Augusta in one day.  However, throughout the week at the beach, Connor ran a slight fever and developed a bad cough.  As we were driving home on Saturday, he could not stop coughing and ran a little fever.  So, as we got close to Auburn, we decided to stop at the Auburn Urgent Care office because they had weekend hours to see what the doctor thought.  Connor was fine (and after hours of coughing from the beach to Auburn, he coughed about two times while at the doctor's office!), but we were exhausted (maybe, because Jeremy had stayed up WAY too late with his brothers the night before!).  So, we decided to stay in LaGrange before heading back home on Sunday morning.
The boys always love to water the flowers at Sunshine and Granddaddy's house, so after dinner they headed out to help Granddaddy water the flowers.  A few minutes later, Kyle came and asked, "Can I get soaked?!"  So, I said yes and these pictures are what happened!

Connor and Granddaddy had a great time squirting Kyle with water and Kyle had a great time getting wet!

"What happens if I put my finger in this hole?!"
While they were playing with the water, they found a GIANT grasshopper on one of Sunshine's plants.  I haven't ever seen one this fat before!

Fun times!

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