Friday, August 30, 2013

Kitchen Renovation

This summer we decided that we needed to do a kitchen remodel.  Our kitchen had off white, ugly laminate counter tops and an old, 1985-ish, 27-inch drop-in stove.  We feel that to sell our house one day (not anytime soon), we would need to update these things.  We wanted to do a simple update by adding granite countertops, but we also needed to replace the stove.  Replacing the stove though was not simple because the cabinets around the stove only fit a 27 inch stove and there was not room to just make the space 30 inches with the existing cabinets.  So, the first step was having the lower cabinets around the stove rebuilt.  After that, we had the stove installed and then granite was added along with a new sink and faucet.  Then, last weekend, Jeremy and I tiled the backsplash.  We have also done little things like replace the hinges and knobs.  I have currently removed two of the cabinet doors to have doorless cabinets.  I really like the look, but if I leave it like this we will have to do some additional work.  The inside of the cabinets need to be stained and the outside needs some work because of the hinge marks.  We haven't decided if we will leave it like this or not yet.  What do you think?



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