Monday, August 26, 2013


Kyle is my little sidekick all the time now since Connor is in school 5 days a week (I'm still grieving over that!), so all of my photos lately seem to be of Kyle.  I tried to take some of Connor at soccer last week, but I didn't end up with much of anything blog-worthy.
So, every other picture on this post is of Kyle.
All four of us have had a bronchitis type cough sometime over the past month.  It started with Connor at the beach and he passed it along to the rest of us (as well as Mimi, Harper, Evie, Lee, and probably others).  Last week, I took Kyle to the doctor for his cough and he made faces for me while we waited on the doctor.  He loves making silly faces!

But, this sweet smile just gets me every time! 

We met up with some friends at the playground this morning for a little while and Kyle had a great time with his buddies.

This is Kyle and his buddy Harris.

We've spent a lot of time at the soccer field the past couple of weeks now that Connor has soccer practice or games twice a week.  Kyle is doing really well sitting and watching or playing with his ball behind our chairs.  He hasn't tried to go play on the field...yet!

I am so thankful for all the time that I get to spend with Kyle.  I really miss my mornings with Connor and realize just how fast Kyle will be in Kindergarten five days a week.  I want to enjoy this time and remember it all!  Thank you, Lord, for the chance to stay home with our boys and spend time with them every day!

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