Sunday, August 11, 2013

Splish Splash

We went swimming tonight.  When we got to the pool, it wasn't very crowded.  Kyle wanted to start off in the kiddie pool and Connor wanted to swim in the big pool with Jeremy.  After awhile, Kyle wanted to get in the big pool, so we all had a good time for awhile.  After break and eating dinner, we headed back to the pool.  By then, a HUGE group from one of the local church youth group's showed up for a pool party.  Kyle headed back to the kiddie pool with me and Connor and Jeremy got in the big pool until they were overcrowded by crazy teenagers!
Kyle is so funny because he is absolutely fearless in the kiddie pool.  He loves to jump in, go under, and try stunts, but he doesn't like to jump in the big pool or go under in it.  He doesn't like not being in control!  I did get some fun pictures of him cannonballing in the kiddie pool today though.  He has so much fun at the pool.  Actually, they both do and I'm really going to miss going to the pool on a regular basis now that school has started and the pool will close in a few weeks.  We will enjoy it while we can though!

Kyle is being a dinosaur (of course).

The focus is not very good on this one (and some of the others), but I love the spread eagle belly flop! 

The many faces of Connor...

I don't want summer to end!

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