Friday, September 6, 2013

Busy Busy

We have been busy, busy!  School is back in and though it may be 95 degrees outside and warmer now than it was in the middle of the summer, summer is over for us.  The nice lazy days at the pool are over.  We are too busy with school and soccer and homework and life!  Last Thursday, the boys headed to Atlanta with my parents for a Braves Game.  They had a blast!  Then, they enjoyed the day in LG with my parents before meeting Jeremy and me in Atlanta for a weekend with Jeremy's family.  Their night at the Braves game and then day in LG were completely full and fun!  In LG, they visited the land of a friend of my parents who have a caboose, so the boys were able to climb all over it and then they got to see and pet the chickens, turkeys, deer, and other animals that they also had on the land.  I wish I had pictures, but I'm hoping my mom will send me some (hint, hint Mom!).
We then spent two nights and two FULL days in Atlanta with Jeremy's family.  Gigi lives there, so we were able to see her while we were there.  I did not get many pictures at all.  Between hotel rooms, Gigi's house, bowling, and restaurants, there wasn't much "good" light for pictures, so I just ended up not taking very many and the ones I did take were not very good.  Oh well!  We had a lot of fun and the kids seem to be still catching up on rest.  After two weekends in a row with grandparents and busy days, they were exhausted! 
We really do have the most beautiful nieces!

Gigi is not doing well mentally or physically.  She's had her ups and downs physically over the past several years, but the downs keep coming harder and faster.  It is hard to see her the way she is now, but we were so glad to get to spend a little bit of time with her over the weekend.  Mentally, she is going downhill faster.  But, she seemed to have a good weekend and knew what was going on and recognized everyone most of the time  Not knowing how she will be or when we will see her again, we all tried to get a picture with her before we left.  I'm very thankful to have a picture with all four of us and Gigi even if it is not the best photo ever.

Gigi is very special to all of us.  She is a true woman of God and has blessed all of us throughout the years!  I am thankful for the time we had in Atlanta with her!
On Sunday afternoon, we went bowling for a little while.  It was so dark that I didn't bother with many pictures, but I loved watching Jeremy help Kyle, so I got a couple of pictures of them. 

After rolling the ball, Kyle and Jeremy would walk back a little and Jeremy would knell down next to Kyle.  Kyle automatically put his little arm around Jeremy's neck every time and they watched the ball together.  So sweet!
We have had soccer twice this week, plus church one night, speech one afternoon for Connor and one night for Jeremy and I to work out, so I feel like we've been super busy.  But, Kyle and I did have one morning this week where we did not have anything we needed to do, so we headed to the river for a little while.  This has become a favorite activity of ours.  He loves to throw rocks and walk around to explore.  And, I love how sweet he is when we go!
Soccer is going well and Connor is really enjoying it.  He is improving a little every practice/game!



I am still struggling with Connor being in school five days a week. I really hate it.  I feel like I don't get to enjoy him during the best hours of his day and he misses out on fun stuff since he is at school. Even just eating out for lunch seems makes me feel bad that Connor cannot eat out with us except on the weekend.  Even when he was in school a 2 or 3 days a week, he was able to eat lunch at home or out with us the other days.  Now, he can only eat with us on the weekends for lunch.  I miss that time! 

In addition to missing out on time with Connor, I feel that he is really struggling with going to school every day.  His behavior and attitude has been a struggle some days because he is tired.  And, he's only in 1/2 day, not full day.  We decided to keep him at the church kindergarten that he had been attending for preschool and I am so glad we did.  He only goes from 9-1, but public school is 8:30-3:30.  I can only imagine that he would really be struggling with the long day!  I'm trying to push more rest, but after a day at school, he really wants to play, not sleep.  I hope that he will start adjusting and we can find some solutions to his attitude.  (I have several friends whose children are struggling with this issue, too, so it helps to know that he is not the only one!).
With Connor in school, I've really realized how fast the first five years go by!  So, I'm trying to enjoy every day with Kyle.  He'll be in school all day every day before I know it!  But, I really, REALLY hate all the time I miss with Connor every day!

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