Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kyle!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Kyle!
Happy Birthday to you!

Three years ago you RUSHED into this world and you have not slowed down since!  You are a silly, opinionated, sweet, loud, playful, happy little boy.  And, I am so blessed to be your Mommy!

You love your brother like crazy and your brother loves you just as much!  You two are becoming such great friends and playmates.  I am so thankful to have two amazing little boys.  You are both so different, but so perfect to be each others brother.  Kyle, you are blond haired and blue eyed with lighter skin while Connor is brown haired and brown eyed with slightly tan skin.  You are much smaller than Connor was at your age, but you pack a lot of energy in your little body.  You are daring and adventurous while Connor is more timid and careful (he's great about making sure you don't do something dangerous!).  You are a "mama's boy" while Connor is more of a "daddy's boy".  You are both so different, but you enjoy playing together so much! 

You are so much fun to watch as you grow into the feisty little boy that you are becoming!  You say some of the funniest things!  And, you don't miss a thing that others say!  Over the past year, I have loved watching you grow and change.  A year ago, you were not talking much.  You said a lot of single words, but not many sentences.  Then, suddenly, right after you turned two, you started speaking in paragraphs!  And, you haven't stopped since!  You talk and talk and talk...in the car, at the table, in the bed (when you are supposed to going to sleep), while playing with Connor,while watching TV, and everywhere in between.  

You love to explore... you love bugs and dirt and mud and digging.  You love to play outside.  You love to play cars and trucks, especially with Connor.  You are opinionated.  You are always active.  You are shy to strangers.  You are loyal to your friends.  You are precious to me!
 Kyle, I hope you have a wonderful third birthday!  I love you so much!

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