Thursday, October 17, 2013

Playground Fun

Connor had fall break on Monday and Tuesday, so we headed to the park for a picnic on Monday.  I lost a point in the "Mom of the Year" race because I dressed my kids completely inappropriately for the weather!  When we left the house, we were in the garage and I thought that the weather was fine.  I didn't have a clue what the temperature was supposed to be that day.  Once we got to the park, I quickly realized that shorts and t-shirts were not quite right for the 65 degree weather!   Everyone else there had on pants and many had long sleeve shirts.  The couple of kids with shorts did at least have a jacket on with the shorts...except for my kids!  They were fine while they were playing, but when we sat to eat, I could tell they were chilly!  Oh well...they survived!

I love this one with their smiles!

I was so thankful for a couple of days off with Connor!

On Tuesday night Connor said he had a headache and when he woke up on Wednesday morning, he still had a headache and just did not seem to feel well.  So, I kept him home for one more day of Fall Break.  His head continued to hurt throughout the day even with medicine and he woke up Thursday with it still hurting.  I gave him medicine and it seemed to help this morning.  I sent him on to school and he did fine all day.  I think he may have a little congestion that may be giving him a sinus headache, but I don't really know.  He is feeling better though now.

Silly Kyle
When we were putting the boys to bed Tuesday night, Connor complained of his headache, so I said I would go get him some medicine.  Kyle was already in his bed and he said, "I need medicine, too.  See...{fake cough} {fake cough} {fake cough}."  Oh the drama!  And, every time that we have given Connor medicine over the past few days, Kyle has done the same thing.  He is so funny!

So, we have not pushed potty training with all!  I mean, seriously, who wants to have to stop in every public bathroom during every outing to go potty!?  I've been in no rush at all.  And, Kyle has show NO interest at all for months.  But, we have started talking about it with him.  For the most part, he has been uninterested, but he has started to show a little interest in at least sitting on the little potty.  Unfortunately, we haven't been seeing any progress in actually going to the potty and not using the diaper.  Then, this morning, while I was getting ready, Kyle came into the bathroom that I was in and said, "Mommy, I'm going to go potty."  So I asked if he needed help with his diaper.  He told me he had already taken it off.  I looked and didn't see it, so I asked where he put it.  He said, "I put my poopy diaper in Connor's trash can."  Yep...he had taken off his poopy diaper and put it in Connor's trashcan.  Which meant that he was running around with a poopy bottom!  YUCKY!!!  Then, he was going to go sit on the potty!  I think he's got the process a little backwards!  And this is why I've had no interest in potty training him!  

Hope you're having a great week!

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