Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Birthday Day

We had a great day celebrating Kyle's third birthday yesterday!

We got Kyle out of bed just before Jeremy left for work and we let him open one present in the morning. 
 Connor had picked out a present that was specifically from him for Kyle.  He was really excited to give Kyle a remote controlled snake!  They had found this toy at Academy Sports several months ago.  Connor really wanted it, so he has talked Kyle into really wanting it, too!  So, on Sunday, I took Connor to Academy to pick out a his present to Kyle and of course, he picked the snake!

Kyle really was excited and they've had a good time with the snake.  They couldn't wait to "scare" someone with it!

We wanted the day to be special for both Connor and Kyle, so we got Connor out of school at noon (just one hour early) to go to lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Their buddy Austin also got to leave school early with us and we all met up with Jeremy, Beth, and Anna Liz for lunch.

 Sunshine and Granddaddy were not planning to come on Kyle's birthday because they are coming on Saturday to go to Steed Farm with us and Bob and Ann, but they hated the idea of not seeing Kyle on his birthday, so they decided to surprise the boys!

We headed to the park to meet a bunch of friends for a party for Kyle.  We had all of our best friends eat pizza and cupcakes with us at the park.  The kids played and played and had the best time!

Kyle has asked for months for a dinosaur party, so he had dinosaur cupcakes and decorations.

Eating with friends is always fun!

Thank you, Sunshine and Granddaddy, for making such a long trip to visit us!

Kisses for Sunshine!

I love this picture!

Getting ready to blow the candles out!

Yum Yum!

We had so many sweet friends come celebrate Kyle with us.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of all of them, but I didn't.  The big kids were too busy playing and running!  But, I liked this cute picture of Jennifer and her newest addition Caleb.

At some point, the kids left the playground and started playing on the amphitheater stage.  They had such a great time!  I really loved watching the joy from these little ones!

And, everyone was sad to leave when it was time to go!

Thank you to Beth, Jonathan, Austin, Anna Liz, Annette, Jordan, Lydia, Megan, Jennifer, Steven, Anna, Carter, Caleb, Casie, Jack, Joe, Micah, Grant, Harris, Millie Kate, Sunshine, and Granddaddy for making this the most fun birthday party for Kyle.  Both Connor and Kyle felt special all day!

And, the best part of the day was as we put the boys to bed.  I asked all of us to tell one thing we really like about Kyle so that we could celebrate him one more time.  Connor said, "I like that Kyle is my brother!"  And, that was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thank you, Lord, for wonderful friends and family that made the day so special with calls, texts, Facebook posts, visits, presents, and by taking time to celebrate with us!

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