Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 8

Today, I am thankful for my camera.  It is one of the most used things I own (definitely used more than my pots and pans!).  I have absolutely loved having a DSLR camera for the past year and a half.  I have loved taking pictures for a long time.  I took SOOOO many pictures during Connor's first year and have continued to take even more pictures every year since.  I love having a blog to share my pictures, even if I am the only one that sees them sometimes.  I put together a HUGE book of pictures each year (almost 300 pages for 2012!).  And, we have pictures on almost every wall of the house.  I LOVE PICTURES!  

I was able to take some pictures of my friend Annette's beautiful new two week old daughter today.

I love taking pictures of my friends' children, but I take pictures for me.  Mainly just for me.  I take pictures to capture images of our life.  I take pictures to remember life.  I take pictures to see life on my screen or in a book.  I take pictures to give myself something creative to do.  I take pictures, not because I am good at it or because I want to start a business.  I take pictures because I love what happens when moments are captured.

I read this quote a few days ago in a novel I was reading.  The novel will easily be forgotten, but the idea that was quoted has resonated with me.

"Sure, the photos of awards night, senior prom, and graduation were there, but it was the other photos - the photos of the everyday moments - that brought back a rush of emotion.  Those moments weren't insignificant at all...and they weren't boring.  They were moments that mattered."
From "Changing Lanes" by Kathleen Long

I love portrait shots, professional photos.  I love photographing birthdays and Christmases and first days of school.  But, I also really love photographing the everyday moments.  The "boring".  The "insignificant".  They may be boring and insignificant to others that might see them in my books or on my blog, but they are real to me.  They are our life.

And, I am so thankful for my camera and the opportunity to take pictures of everyday moments.

They are moments that matter.

Ephesians 5:20
Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Family Thanksgiving:
Jeremy - We forgot to ask him!
Connor - He is thankful for watching Robin Hood tonight.
Kyle - He is thankful for watching Robin Hood tonight.

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