Friday, December 27, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

Apparently, this is the year of the Christmas weapon at the White House!  We (Santa, I think) gave Connor a bow and arrow and gave Kyle a nerf ball gun that shoots kind of like a bow and arrow.  Then, Uncle Stan gave them Nerf guns.  They have had a great time with them!  And, so far, no major fights or far!

For some reason, I did not get many pictures of Connor yesterday or today playing outside.  Yesterday, Davis and Jane Anne got here and today, Andrew and Mills and Rob got here.  Our boys have seen A and M this afternoon, but Jeremy and I were at a movie and missed them before they had somewhere to be tonight.  I'm looking forward to seeing all five boys together tomorrow and Sunday.  Davis, though, has been great with Connor and Kyle.  And, they have had a great time playing with him!

One of their favorite things to do has been to see how high and how far they can shoot the arrow.  Only one has gotten stuck on the roof (thanks to Jeremy)!  :)

This picture is a little TOO close of Kyle, but I loved his eyes in it!

I cannot believe that Connor will be SIX years old in less than a week!!!  NOOOOOO!!!

These next few pictures show the MANY faces and expressions of Connor!

Hope you are having a great Christmas week!

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