Friday, December 13, 2013

What's Happening at the White House?

In November, I updated the blog almost every day since I was doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving and this month, I've taken very few pictures (I know, unusual for me) and we haven't had anything exciting to blog.  The last week has brought us sickness and cold weather, so nothing much has been blog worthy.  Last Friday afternoon, I realized that Kyle was burning up.  He had a high fever (104.5 under his arm at one point!), so on Saturday when Motrin was not holding back the fever much, we decided that it was time to take him to the doctor.  We could have taken him to the after hours clinic, but we decided to just go to the ER.  They saw us quickly and did a chest x-ray, which came back negative, and just said it was a virus.  Thankfully, the fever broke that night and he's been on the mends ever since.  Connor now has the cold.  So far, no fever.  In addition to sickness at the White House, it has been cold and we've had a lot of yucky weather days, so we haven't played outside as much as normal.  I did take them to the park on Wednesday and we were able to stay after school and play on the playground this afternoon. 

So, all of that to say, we've led a pretty boring life lately, so there's not much to report around here!

On Monday, Kyle and I went shopping for Christmas presents for Heworlson (the little boy in Haiti that we sponsor).  Kyle really got into picking out gifts for him.  He understood that the gifts were not for him and he still wanted to pick things out for Heworlson.  I loved it!  Ideally, we all four would have gone shopping together, but since Kyle was sick over the weekend, we had to do the shopping while Connor was at school in order to mail it in time.  However, Connor definitely wanted to make him a Christmas card.  He made such a cute card and wrote all of the words on it.  So cute!

Working on his Christmas card for Heworlson...

On Tuesday, we headed to the library for a little Christmas puppet show.  Connor really enjoyed it. Kyle enjoyed it for a little while, but decided he'd run around and play under the table and all over the floor (yuck!).  

And, a few pics from our time at the park the other day...

I hope you are enjoying your December!

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