Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Connor!

Happy Birthday Connor!

Connor, today, you are SIX years old!  SIX!  How is that possible?  How did six years go by so fast?  Did we skip a year somewhere along the way?  How did you get to be a boy, a longer are you a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler.  You are a child.  A beautiful, smart, sweet, loyal, funny, silly, creative, curious, animated, thoughtful, happy child.  You are turning into such an amazing son.  Each and every day with you is a joy!  You amaze us every day with things you know and understand.  You are always trying to figure out the why and how of things.  You love the details of life.  You want to know every detail of everything that you hear and see.  You are inquisitive.  You love to try to figure out things.  You are a problem solver.  And, you are so good at it and so creative with all of your solutions!

God has given you a heart of loyalty.  You love sweetly and kindly.  You are loyal to your friends.  You love to laugh.  And, I love to hear your laugh.  You love to try to make others laugh with your silly (sometimes nonsensical) jokes.
You are sweet and good to your brother.  You treat Kyle with such love and respect.  You treat him as a peer and as a friend and not as a bothersome little brother.  One day a couple of months ago, we stayed after school to play on the playground.  One of your classmates was playing, too, and you made it a point to introduce Kyle to him and include Kyle in your game.  You made sure your friend knew that Kyle was your little brother.  I love watching you watch out for Kyle.  I love watching you play with him and share new things with him.  I love seeing you work on things with him and come up with fun games that you can play together.

I look at you and Kyle and realize how awesome our God is.  From creating you and Kyle so perfectly for our family, to creating you as our firstborn and Kyle as our secondborn, God knew just what he was doing with our family.  And, I am so thankful for our family and for your part in our family.  You are the best big brother!

You are smart.  You are full of imagination and creativity.  So far, school comes easy for you, but you never look down on those that struggle more.  You never try to make yourself look better than someone else.  You are proud of your own accomplishments, but you always try to find a way to praise someone else.  You are proud of others:  your classmates, your teammates, your friends, your brother.  You love to see others succeed.  I love that about you! You are also so wonderful about not getting swayed to do the wrong thing.  You have a strong sense of right and wrong and you are rarely swayed.  You have only had your "clip moved" once this first half of the year.  You choose to do the right thing.  If others are doing something that you do not think is right or that you are not supposed to do, you are quick to say no.  I pray that you will keep that sense of right and wrong and the urge to do the right thing regardless of what others are doing.

I am so thankful that God picked me to be your mom six years ago.  I am so thankful for you!   You have taught me how to be a mom.  You are a precious son.  You are a great brother and you are a loyal friend.

You are an amazing Child of God! 

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