Saturday, February 22, 2014

Splish Splash

A sure fire way to cure the grumpies:

Friday, February 21, 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes!

A week ago yesterday we were inside freezing with branches breaking outside and without power inside.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful 80 degree day!  Yes, 80 degrees!  A fifty degree difference from the week before!  Kyle and I even wore shorts!

We enjoyed an afternoon outside and loved every minute of it!

 Pretending to eat ice cream!

Connor is telling me a story in these next few pictures.  I love his smile!

This morning was rainy, but now, the weather is beautiful again!  And, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful again.  I love this weather and cannot wait until Spring/Summer!

Newborn and Three Months

A few weeks ago I attempted newborn photos for my friend Beth.  Beth's newest sweet baby was born three weeks early, but his placenta had stopped working properly and he had stopped growing.  Thankfully, Beth went into labor, which triggered an ultrasound, where they realized what was going on.  If she had not gone into labor, the results may not have been very good.  Cody Luke Harper was born on January 14th at 3 pounds and  8 ounces and spent one week in the NICU.  He came home weighing less than four pounds!!!  I was able to photograph him when he was a little over three weeks old.  He weighed a little under five pounds.  So tiny!  His legs and bottom and everything else about him are so tiny!!  But, he has now survived a miraculous birth, seven days in the NICU, a snow storm, an ice storm, a multi-day power outage, and an earthquake within one month of his life!  I pray that his second month of life is less eventful than his first month!

Three (well, almost four) months ago, my friend Annette let me take pictures of her sweet little newborn, Norah.  It was my first time taking pictures of a newborn and I had no idea what I was doing.  Now, Norah is three months old (well, almost has taken us weeks to finally get to do this shoot) and she let me take three month pictures of Norah.  Again, this was my first attempt at three month old pictures!  Norah was not thrilled with the whole experience.  She started off happy, but before we were able to get all of the shots we wanted, she was done!  I've told Annette that I would be happy to come back to try again.  We're hoping that we can do some six month pictures outside this spring.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

Weeks before our ice storm, we had planned a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in North Carolina over President's Day Weekend.  Connor had off for the holiday on Monday and Tuesday and Jeremy was going to take off.  We had talked a little bit a few months ago about planning a trip to Great Wolf, but didn't do it and then I found a Groupon that was perfect!  We missed three days of school for the ice storm plus the two days already planned for President's Day weekend, we had an entire week for "Winter Break!"  Today was our first day back to the "real world". 

Our two night trip to Great Wolf was absolutely great!  We loved it there!  Great Wolf is a hotel with an indoor water park that really caters to the younger crowd.  All ages of kids would have a blast there, but it was such a perfect trip for our kids.  The water park was great!  The boys really enjoyed it and so did we!  We arrived just after lunch on Sunday and we were able to check in early and head straight to the water park.  If our room wasn't ready, we were prepared to change in the locker rooms, but we didn't have to after all.  We spent all afternoon at the water park on Sunday and headed back on Monday morning through mid-afternoon Monday.

All water park pictures were taken with my iphone. I didn't want to take my "big" camera to the water park, so these photos will have to do!

In addition to the water park, there was an arcade, a mini-bowling alley (short lanes and smaller balls for little kids), a craft/toy room and much more.  There is a scavenger hunt type of game that kids play with a wand, but we did not do it.  We probably will next time.  At night, there was a storytime where all of the kids came to the lobby in their pajamas for a little show and a story.  In the morning, there was a "Wolf Walk" where the kids did a little craft and learned about different animals.  The boys really enjoyed everything about this trip!
Fun at the Arcade:

Story Time and Show:

Craft/Toy Room:


Meeting the Characters:

I hope we can go back next year!