Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Few Pictures

"Again, Daddy!  Again!"

Yesterday, Stan was able to come spend the day with us!  Both boys were very excited that he was coming, but Kyle is especially drawn to Stan.  He wanted Stan to sit by him in the van and at dinner and even talked Stan into sticking around for baseball practice!  One word from Kyle and Stan will do whatever he asks!

 A funny Kyle/Stan story:

Last Wednesday when we got home from church, Duck Dynasty was on TV and the boys saw a few minutes of it while they were getting ready for bed.  Suddenly Kyle said, "That one looks like Stan and talks like Stan!"  He was pointing to Si!

I actually think he first saw Jase or Jep, but he then saw Si and heard Si talk and that's who he pointed to when he told us.  So funny!

Stan took it as a compliment!

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