Sunday, March 2, 2014

Goodbye UmiCar!

Dear UmiCar (yes, that is the name the boys gave our Explorer a long time ago),
We will miss you!  You were a good car.  You were my first new car and the first car I ever picked out on my own.  You were the car that carried us (and a car load of stuff) to Arizona on a memorable trip across country.  You were the car that has driven us on countless vacations including Destin, Orlando, Charleston, Hilton Head, San Diego, The Grand Canyon, and many more.  You carried us to the hospital as a family of two and brought us home as a family of three.  Two years and nine months later, you brought us home as a family of four.  You were abused by carseats, toys, muddy feet, spilled sippy cups, and rogue Cheerios.  You have been a special, memorable car for all of us.  We are so thankful for the eight years that you served us.  And, we hope that you will serve another family just as well and that they will love you just as much as we have!

Love, The White House

Dear Umi Spy Van (yes, that is the name the boys gave the van after a lot of debate),
You have a lot to live up to.  Your predecessor was great and loved by our family.  We expect a lot out of you.  We are not gentle.  We are not quiet and peaceful.  We are loud and fun and silly and tough and rough.  We are The White House.  Welcome to our family!

Love, The White House

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