Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Homework...I dread it now as much as I did as a student.

Thankfully, Kindergarten homework is not much and it is really just to get them in the habit of doing it.  And, thankfully, our teacher provides a months worth of homework on a calendar at the beginning of the month so that we can work at our own pace.  Each week's homework is due the following Monday, but it is not checked daily.  This helps a lot!  We usually try to do the week's worth on the weekend (a whole week before it is due).  But, we are a little behind, so Connor did a couple of pages today.  He dreads it as much as I do, but he does great at it.

Only 22 more days left of Kindergarten!  I am so ready for summer and so ready to have Connor home every day, but the end of Kindergarten means we are closer and closer to 1st grade and big school and full days!  I'm dreading that!

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