Monday, April 7, 2014

More Fun at the Beach

The boys had fun at the beach this morning. It was pretty cool and really windy, so I don't know how they managed with their feet in the water, but they did!  They built a sandcastle, chased birds, climbed on rocks, looked for crabs, splashed in the water, and overall, had a great time!

We did bring bathing suits with us, but since it was so cold out this morning, I gave them the option of just wearing what they had on (from breakfast and also dinner last night) or changing to bathing suits.  They chose to wear their regular clothes!

I feel like I'm looking into the future in the picture.  Connor looks so grown and tall!

Splish Splash!  A little cold water doesn't bother these two!  But, brrrr...that water was cold!

I love these two!

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